What exactly would you call this?

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I wanted to share this cause I'm having an effing blast with it.


If you're interested in developing some skills with the prawn suit you can download my physics world.

Check it out over at https://www.nexusmods.com/subnautica/mods/224

"What the eff is physics world and why could i possibly care...?"

Because traveling at over 100 meters per second [5×seamoth] is fun? [300m/s] is max i have recorded ;)

Flight is nice too <3

I have easily become obsessed, cuz I'm so terrified of the game, or I was. Still scary but i can choose to slow down to check things out.

It is a thing with no limits

And if by some chance you want to truly shatter everything jump over to a fun video/song

This video is not even the same game
Ha. I still love it! https://youtu.be/6nY1ts_Qvqg

This was a milestone Superjump dare I say the best of all time? Intentionally at least. Riiight? https://youtu.be/nEAWmvRFUbY woot!

Soo, if any of you want to give feedback I would greatly appreciate it.

I lack real video editing skills so my videos are all one continuous "run". So bear with me please :)



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    Hey lets be honest that Reapers gonna getcha. (Im Jazzed for subnautica, im not going for president)
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    Any Updates???
    (Links Removed)

    Another bot? This one can't even manage to get the scam links right.
    "I'm ashamed, I'm to blame,
    Don't wanna think about it,
    Who I am, what I've done?
    How do I carry on?
    Wanna change, turn the page,
    Don't wanna think about it,
    How do I undo what's done?"
    - "Undone" Five Finger Death Punch
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