Patch and my updated saved game

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Hi Fellow Subnautican's
Been busy over xmas and new year so haven't been able to play my current saved game. Noticed that there was a new patch, so fired up the old XB1, to see if Subnautica, had d/l the latest patch and it had, so I started the game. Took a while to boot up, but eventually the game starts, I select my saved game, and I'm in, all good so far; then I exit Pod 5, and where are all the fish. I mean nothing, not a sausage, not even the background shoals of fish; so I start swimming and having a look around. Couldn't see any Stalkers, in the creepvine beds, or any Gasopods; I begin to worry, I keep swimming, eventually I spot a single Reefback. I have a bit of a look around underneath him, and I spot some fish, well I say some I mean two or three, I grab them take them back to Pod 5. On the way there, I spot a Sand Shark, and that's it, otherwise nothing, still getting frame rate issues, and I'm thinking wow so much for the patch.
So I start a new game, and the difference is like night and day; teaming with fish, resources the whole nine yards. This is the bit that I hate about Subnautica, most of the time when there's some sort of improvement you have to start all over again, otherwise you don't get the benefit of the changes!


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    There was a bug in the first patch we released once we went live with 1.0(December 4th), that could cause all new areas you explored to not have all of the fish load. Unfortunately, once you save that explored area the fish spawning areas are saved along with that so you'd be permanently with a lower level of fish. There was a fix that solved the bug, but you'd need a new game to see the fish return(like what you described).

    You should find(depending on how far you've explored) that new areas have normal levels of fish/resources, in your old game. We're very sorry about that issue.
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    Thanks for the update, yes I started a new game. And there are more fish, and other resources, so I'm good in that respect. Just waiting on more improvements to the frame rate now, as always, enjoying the game.
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