VR MODE. - A question to the Devs

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Will you be fixing the VR experience? It's currently on the Oculus store for £18.99 as a VR game in Early Access... which I feel is a bit misleading as the VR experience is "Broken" to say the least, and devs have commented that the game is complete. There is no way that this is a £18.99 VR experience... it's a good pancake game but anyone paying £18.99 for VR is going to be sorely disappointed. I bought the game as soon as it went on Early Access on steam but I have waited til I got a Oculus Rift to play it... and I too am very disappointed. You only need to see the Oculus store reviews for confirmation of this.

Basically the game has had VR bolted on as a Minimum Viable Product. It's in no way implemented with any polish or actual design or optimisation for VR. It's purely to get the VR compatible Logo on the Steam storefront to drive more sales.. and to be able to sell the game through the Oculus store

Could the devs please issue a comment on this as many people are not happy with the VR experience, which many bought the game for. is it getting updated?


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