Ideas For Subnautica Below Zero

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So what do you think should be in Below Zero?
I’m not really sure, because i’m really happy with what the the developers have come up with so far, but I am very curious to know if there will be a pet you can have and if there is, what is it? I was thinking about some sort of creature that can survive on land and underwater. I was thinking that you could tame it in the wild or just hatch it from an egg. It should also be able to help with certain things like scavenging for certain items and it should attack whatever attacks you, but it won’t atack what you hit, unless it’s a hostile creature.
So anyways, what ideas do you have for Below Zero?


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    Halios wrote: »
    Gender option for player character. It should also have been in the original game.

    I agree.
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    Halios wrote: »
    "you're just insecure about your masculinity"

    but also
    Halios wrote: »
    "I'm gay."


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    I was wondering. I know below zero will be a stand alone game but can there be extras included for people that own subnautica? Maybe certain blueprints from the original game or something ie like access to the sea glide straight away.?
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    I did a few fauna/ flora ideas check my posts ( I want attention)
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    Would an option for your own custom sub be a good idea? I'm not new to sub'n but I'd rather use the sub i created and liked.
    Similar to the customization station but you can actually create the design for your submarine, decide how long it is, thin, small, or large, its color, and other smaller customization like how it moves, large or small propellers, little details like reaper whatever-they're-calleds or where the radio antenna is.
    Plus how it works, like sonar and speed, or decide what materials to use from a list of choices, each choice combo gives your sub its traits. You can set the speed, but having a REALLY armor-ful sub will decrease the speed, and maybe what its called and what upgrades it can get.

    Hope you like these ideas, they're ideas I've been wanting for subnautica for a while, but "Subnautica: Below Zero" fits it too, because it's still in development, they'd be able to incorporate it within the code, i think.
    Anyway, select the 'Awesome' or 'Agree' choices on top right if you like, or the 'Disagree' if you don't. And feel free to add or change some of these ideas at will, i won't mind.

    Thanks for your feedback! :)
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    I agree, base ladder animation would be great, on the topic of ladders, i don't get how to place one, in the vertical tubes? In stacked multipurpose rooms? Please tell me how they work...
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    I'm having a little trouble with the blueprint options at the start of the game because of the "disaster level" I'm feeling.. In the original Subnautica you crashland and I've decided for myself that you lose connection with your ship causing your tablet to reboot in safe mode. The reason I find this viable is because a lot of stations you find in ship parts all read "no signal"

    In Below zero there is a station orbiting above your head, and trying not to spoil. anything here, but there is plenty of reason for you to have all the blueprints there are.

    now, I get that that would be no fun. but since you have no recourses, you can't build anything anyway. The story would gain strength in my opinion if something happened that causes. you to lose connection to the station. (if they can drop crates, why not drop a pda with all the blueprints? Why don't the pda's you pick up have all the blueprints? )

    So even though I don't have the answer, I feel like something should be added to the story line to make the disaster worse, or make you feel disconnected from your colleagues. It just feels slightly... erm... not so disastrous.... it doesn't feel like I'm surviving because there is backup.. and I'm talking to them.
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    I think that it is too hard to find stuff from databank descriptions on the PDA
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    Can we get an in game explanation at some point (even later on in the story) as to why the alien speaks perfect English? in the original game, (and assuming this is a precursor alien) the computer had trouble translating but got parts right. Now (even before the uplink in to the "human vessel" ) this alien speaks English (oh and during the intro part before the earthquake)

    I'm guessing we're going to get an explanation of why the alien knows "our" name. but the language thing might be good to add too :)
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    I like being able to talk to the other people, it makes me feel safe, even though I'm nowhere near that.

    Does anyone else have any problems with the sea base feeling too small? Creating an option to increase the size at the cost of more resources would be nice. And I'd like to be able to place armor at the top of my multipurpose room and tubes. Plus a defense system to avoid unwanted attacks and damage would be awesome. So when my base is flooded from one room, I'd like my base to start draining if i close my bulkhead, that may just be a glitch though...

    Animal topic, here're a few animals I'd like to see:
    1. A drilling alien. lives in colonies. eats meat, small fish, baby pangwings. oxygen breather. like a shark to the adult pangwings, will attack them on ice burgs. walks, not swims.
    2. A tube worm alien. lives in groups of four. eats meat. when food is close enough, all four tube worms will grab onto a side and try to rip food apart. lives in volcanic areas.
    3. A vacuum alien. eats meat, small creatures (not player or anything else that size). walks around the sea floor and sucks up small organisms. will swim to avoid predators. strong tail.

    Vehicle topic, here're a couple options:
    1. Some sort of helicopter. can transform into a sub pressing a button, animation allows you to see the propellers move from the roof of the vehicle to the back, and a fin to allow direction that comes out of the tip of the base of the props.
    2. A small vehicle, roughly the size of a seamoth, with four legs. has two arms(have to be placed), four options, default(like a PRAWN's default just more crab-like), mining/digging, like a drill, can separate from the bottom to form a scoop, defense, like the PRAWN's, just one slot instead of two, and exploration, two forms, scanner and flash-light. can climb walls.

    Upgrades topic, here're some ideas:
    1. Drilling upgrade. makes the drill on PRAWN suit and cave crawler suit move faster.
    2. Leg length upgrade. gives you the option to increase and decrease the length of CC suits legs.
    3. Speed upgrade. increases the speed of your seamoth's and cyclops's, and helimarine's props, without additional power draining.
    4. Flood lights upgrade. increases range of all of your vehicles flood lights, without additional power draining.
    5. Increased solar charging. causes solar charging to increase by 15%, decreasing the time to fully charge any vehicle.
    Modification station upgrades:
    1. Drilling upgrade mk2- titanium x10, ruby x1, Drilling upgrade x1
    2. Speed upgrade mk2 - Speed upgrade x1, titanium x4, wiring kit x1
    3. Speed upgrade mk3 - Speed upgrade mk2 x1, advanced wiring kit x2, gold x3
    4. Increased solar charging mk2 - Increased solar charging x1, gold x2, wiring kit x1

    How does everyone like the ideas? Please press the 'Agree' option.
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    Is there gonna be a character customization? Any news about that?
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  • AC_AwesomeCraftAC_AwesomeCraft USA Join Date: 2018-12-12 Member: 245501Members
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    So what do you think should be in Below Zero?
    Can you please use Jack's noise for some creature? It would be amazing.
    located in ep3 28:56
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    I posted a discussion earlier, to access, type this in the search bar in top a the window:
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    What about creating some fish and such based on this recent article on the findings from the bottom of the ocean?

    I mean what better source of inspiration for a frozen Subnautica game then some findings from deep in the ocean around the Antarctic area??

    Or maybe they’ve already read this?? Haha

    (Unfortunately I couldn’t post the link as I haven’t been around long enough ? but check out deep ocean findings near Australia / Antarctica... man it’s cool!!)

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    On the subject of base building:

    Seeing the large open room in the opening "base" gave me an idea
    I think that there should be a small square room that can be added onto a base.
    Using the constructor, you can add small squarish expansions to the room in order to create a large room shaped the way players desire.
    I think it would lend itself well to interesting base design.
    I also think that these attachments should be place-able onto the top of the room in order to raise the ceiling. The bases in these games often feel very enclosed as if you were traveling through vent, the type of thing associated with claustrophobia. The ability to add higher ceilings could also be combines with stairs and ladders for a more open vertical design. Obviously, you wouldn't be able to expand the wall of a room with components near said wall and the player would have to remove windows, furniture, etc. if they were close enough to the wall they were trying to expand to possibly mess with it (you wouldn't be able to expand upon a wall with a shelf on it)
    You also would not be able to expand into the terrain or other parts of your base.
    Overall, I think this would be a great addition to base building and works better for the theme of this game than the last. In the original Subnautica, you were stranded so small claustrophobic corridors added to the overall atmosphere. In this game, you are not isolated so having more open bases would make sense.

    If the Devs are reading this then, regardless of what you decide to implement, I would like to thank you for giving the time to read the comments and suggestions posed by fans and players, you did an exelent job with Subnautica and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.
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    Another mechanic that I would like to see implemented is for scanning objects that you already have blueprints for.
    Right now, scanning these objects yield titanium, but it would be nice if scanning one of these parts would give a random material necessary for its fabrication.
    Titanium would still be the most common, but the player would often also get things like copper and glass.
    On the much rarer side, players could obtain things like wiring kits and other more complicated materials. This would encourage players to remember where they find fragments beyond just obtaining the blueprints and would provide a less tedious way for players in the late game to obtain resources.
    Another idea that would work for this, a new device called a salvager could be implemented that yields resources from fragments. This would likely be something obtained before the player starts exploring the deeper regions but after the player would start having to make longer trips away from the starting area. It would keep the scanner from being too useful in the start of the game (if the scanner worked as mentioned above) and provide another rewarding objective to the player.
    The salvager have numerous mechanics, it could be a modification station upgrade to the scanner, laser cutter, or even the repair tool as I think that all of these tools are related to how a supposed salvaging tool would work (scanning for undamaged materials, repairing broken parts in order to make them useful, cutting the outside of the fragments apart to get at the computer chips, wires, and other useful parts)
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    add in a leviathan deterrent that, if used on a leviathan that has not yet become aggressive, will cause it to leave the area where the deterrent is released, you have to scan said leviathan in order to create its repellant
  • AC_AwesomeCraftAC_AwesomeCraft USA Join Date: 2018-12-12 Member: 245501Members
    Dude, i like it, another way to get useful items, without making anything that much better, but making things much better at the same time!
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    add a freezer that can built in a base, fish and food placed in the freezer do not decompose but it uses power
  • jaydeejayjaydeejay Join Date: 2019-02-01 Member: 250088Members
    add a foundation like base component that increases structural integrity
    this component attaches to walls vertically, not the ground horizontally
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