Looking Back: Subnautica Trip Down Memory Stream

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It's now 1.0
Feels like forever right? (for me at least)
With all the additions and storyline hammered out, we are looking at a polished game that most of us have followed, perhaps from the start.

Anyone here who has any nice memories to share getting the game, and what updates were super exciting, please feel free to comment!

Screenshots, Media, are all encouraged!
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    I got a thrill from the old inactive lava zone. First playthrough, before there was a story ending, I blundered about exploring the active zone in my Prawn suit. Ran out of water ironically, and then escaped by dragging myself up that scary old dark tunnel up to the Aurora. Only to get snatched by a Reaper as soon as I surfaced! Had to hose out the suit.
    I've got my objections to the World, certainly. But I'll be very sorry to see it ruined.
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