Game locks up entire pc after ~2 minutes and forces me to disconnect my pc from the current

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Hey there!
I've been playing subnautica for about 10 hours now, never with any problem at all. But suddenly, i can't play anymore. At all. Here's what happens:
it's enough when i start up the game and stay in menu for about 2 minutes, i don't even have to play it for it to lock up my pc, the screen goes completely blank, with differing colors, sometimes black, sometimes red, and so on, the sound is completely gone and i can't even restart my pc without disconnecting it from the current.
At first i thought my gpu was overheating or i had to reinstall my graphics card driver, but nothing works. And subnautica is the only game with this problem. everything else works fine. I also reinstalled subnautica several times but that didn't help, too.

If it helps you:
here's my DxDiag:
and here's my output_log:

Can anyone help me with this? I'm close to giving up.
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