Alien Relics Collection (the truth is out there)

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Initially I thought this was just a set up as freaky museum for the Devs to mess my mind with. Since then my instincts for paranoia have sharpened considerably, and I've taken to wearing a small but rather fetching tinfoil cap.

The truth is that the Alien Relics are a really an Alien's Field Research Kit (!!)

True Facts (read them on the Internet):
1. The Black Death that ravaged medieval Europe is thought to have originated in Central Asia (in and around Mongolia).
2. By 12th century Mongolian's had a very high resistance to this disease, as demonstrated by their casual handling of plague corpses (often catapulting them over the walls of recalcitrant European cities). Doubtless they acquired their resistance from thousands of yeas of co-evolution with the bacterium.
3. There's a theory called Panspermia. This holds that bacteria can often spread between planets and perhaps even between star systems. It also suggests that many Earth diseases may just be regional strains of widespread galactic bugs.

If Kharaa was related to the Black Death then the Precursors would have had a very good reason to visit Earth and do a little bio-research.

The Kit:
- The bloody Mongolian sword: Just a research sample. This would have provided valuable DNA (and no messy probe required this time)
- The Organic Matter Particulator: Handy to sterilise planets when things really go pear-shaped (Note: keep out of reach of children)
- The Holographic Projector: For two way communications between field researchers and base labs.
- Tracking Implant: A standard field research item akin to the electronic tags we currently use to study wildlife.
- Translation Device. Just in case humans aren't just dumb animals after all.
- Ancient Yin-Yang motif. Hmm... so did they give this symbol to us then? If so, what else? Oh yeah a low virulent strain of a bacteria would be a good idea! Check back every thousand years of so and harvest whatever DNA we've evolved to deal it with. Earth is just another petri dish really. Nice one guys.

Must close - I can hear the black helicopters approaching.
I've got my objections to the World, certainly. But I'll be very sorry to see it ruined.


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