Something Smells Fishy

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I'm talking about the Degasi expedition. What's up with these guys?

We've got a big shot CEO sociopath slumming it in a tiny ship with his son and just a handful of mercenaries. They're snooping about a space station in an out of the way system that's supposed be uninhabited. Ten years later a big multi-planetary company decidees to detour a major construction project to attemptt their rescue'.

We know Alterra sets up orbital labs around promising planets. I'm thinking that the station was the very Vesper set to feature in the expansion. I'd imagine it would be most cost effective to drop one of these in orbit around a newly discovered planet and let it spend a few years scanning for resources. If the readout comes out with dollar signs then man up the station with some techs for some more hands on prospecting. If all looks good, send in the giant Alterra planet stripper behemoths.

So it seems likely that the Paul Torgal got a tip that one particular unmanned Vesper turned up something very valuable, and probably very illegal (since even his Togal's own company is kept out of the loop). In a civilisation with strict arms controls I'm thinking this is most likely to be a mega-weapon, or something equally weapon-izable. So that's either Precursor tech or even more likely Kharr's potential as a devastating biological weapon.

So ten years on. Alterra checks on the 4547B Vesper data and finds it's been hacked. They soon deduce by who and why. The real Alterra mission is not to rescue the Torgals but to eliminate them and plug any possible leaks about their valuable yet illegal asset that is 4546B.

Where are the Torgals now? Well they've left a lot of PDA evidence about indicating they all scattered and died 'sonewhere' on the planet. But personally, if I was an industrial spy knowing a ruthless megacorp was coming for me in the next ten years, I'd spend most of that time covering my tracks (or at least Maida would think of that I'm sure). And it's worth noting that despite the Degasi bases being all beat up an barnacle infested, their PDAs appear remarkably undamaged, shiny and straight off the shelf (or maybe UWE just ran out of dirt).

So to the sequel. The Wiki says the new protagonist works for Alterra from the Vesper and has 5 articles in their job description. 1-4 are all research based, but number 5 is redacted. Somehow I don't guess that number 5 fully has the Torgal's best interests at heart.

What say you to this?


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