I had a Subnautica dream...

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I had a dream in which I was swimming around the beach. Then the water got all foggy and the sand was brownish reddish. I saw broken metal everywhere, then I saw reaper leviathan and it started chasing me.

The strange thing is that it’s been a long time since I’ve played.

Has anyone else ever had a dream like this?


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    I had a dream about the Expansion the other day. It started with me in an ordinary Subnautican ocean, only to go onto land to see a mountainous tropical isle with ice boulders scattered about. I had a startling encounter with a really bizarre looking alien penguin, and then went back in the ocean.
    I learned the hard way the island was circled by an aggressive Sea Emperor who’s sole goal was to kill me. I hid behind some giant corals, and once it passed, made it back to the surface, where the sea emperor used it’s fins to haul itself onto land, and promptly tried to eat me as I tried to escape inland.
    Then the dream switched to me getting lost in a bizarre combination of a tropical resort hotel, a library, and a department store.
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    Don’t steal my plants.
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