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I'm gonna be real disappointed if it doesn't in some way incorporate white-wanderer-esque environmental sounds.

"But hey, what's that??"

White wanderer is the artsy name given to a collection of audio files captured by an arctic researcher when researching the 1-trillion ton ice shelf in the process of splitting from Antarctica. They weren't digitally created or edited in any way aside from being pitched up so that they're in the human range of hearing. They aren't pitched up very much mind you, there's just a lot of bassy sounds from them that you wouldn't be able to hear otherwise. It's honestly hard to believe that these are natural, unaltered sounds that the planet is making, they sound so unnatural and ethereal.


tldr: When mind boggling amounts of ice melt and break, the sounds they make are otherworldly, and I'd really like if they somehow incorporated something that captured these otherworldly sounds.



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    Thanks @Fluffers,

    That was very interesting. And wonderful.
    It's honestly hard to believe that these are natural, unaltered sounds that the planet is making, they sound so unnatural and ethereal
    It must have been quite altered. I got a paper of the researcher which gathered the data, just to try and understand the process better.
    His team used seismographs on the ice sheets, and most P waves were in between 0.5 - 4Hz. That's lower than many earthquakes P waves.
    We start hearing at ~20Hz, and those are the lowest of basses. It was probably increased in pitch ~10 - 100 times. I didn't find anything regarding it, But I would say it was sped up as well to compress years of data in a few minutes clip. Can't say anything without more info. Similarly to this:

    Hearing a Japanese earthquake

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    Spooky, I had not heard anything like it except for the strange sounds of space on official recordings.

    If I hear sounds like that in the game I do not know if I can play, it's a little scary, and already the game provokes some anxiety xD
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    the penguins have racecars.
    don’t even try to discredit me on that.
    Don’t steal my plants.
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