Out of Bounds using Aurora doors

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This video shows a method for getting out of bounds in the Aurora. A quick search suggests this method is new, but it may have already been discovered.

Quick description:
1. Open a sliding door on the Aurora
2. Position character inside the doorway
3. Close door on yourself
4. Jump repeatedly

This is potentially dangerous for Hardcore players, as there does not seem to be a way to clip back in bounds.
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    I had this a few days ago. Like almost every game with doors has this. Just a basic physics glitch I guess...
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    Clipping out of bounds happens elsewhere too - inside wrecks especially. The Wiki lists some useful console commands to work around this:

    warpforward [meters] — Warps the player forward. Use a number to indicate how many meters forward to warp. 
    warpme — Teleports you to the last base or large vehicle you were in.
    spawn — If you're stuck, just type this to respawn nearby.

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    I had a similar issue, but it was a loading failure.

    In the Aurora, I came in through the top hallway. When you get through, it's supposed to load the cargo room. This didn't happen, so I feel into the interior of the ship and was trapped.

    I loaded a save and went back. I went down through the bottom entrance and went all the way back up to the cargo room. Instead of the cargo room being missing, the entrance hallway was missing.

    As for this bug, do hope it gets fixed.
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