Physics Clipping Problem

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I have encountered three bugs, that are serious. They have been mentioned before. Let's make sure, they are not forgotten.
  1. A school of Fish has taken residence in my cyclops. They block the way to the bridge.
  2. The prawn suit frequently falls through the world. If this happens without a prawn suit, it's not that annoying. You can simply teleport back with the console commands. With the prawn suit, it's really stressing. The suit cannot be teleported, which means the customisations, upgrades and inventory are lost.
  3. The teleport archs don't work properly. Teleporting causes a long fall through the ground more often than not. This happens with or without the prawn suit.

Not a bug: Some cyclops modules have hard to find blueprints. There are no clues in the game where to search. I hate going to the wiki for hints, but if you are searching for hours it's no fun.


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    #3 is consistently happening to me going back through the arch from the lost river into the primary containment facility. The arch works OK going into the LR, but drops me through the map every single time I try to get back. When doing it, it looks like it actually tries to complete the warp animation but then goes through another instead (so it looks like two warps back to back). The only solution has been using console commands to get back to my base, which is super frustrating.
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    The clipping thing is pretty bad. I have found a number of places it absolutely happens. By the alien base that is to be the rendezvous point for the passing cargo ship that never makes it to the planet. If I go on the island side and below the “walkway” I can fall into the building and not get out. Going south from that base I can jump off the side and of the trench (where the depth changes drastically) and I will freefall until my prawn suit gets crushed around 4000 m.
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    Forgot to mention, the trench thing, I pass through multiple layers of the world. At one point I see an entrance to another alien base, lava fields, fauna and although I can boost, I can’t get out of free fall
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    A different terrain clipping issue, but just figured I'd stick it here:

    My scanner room looking for stalker teeth. HUD shows many of them, but not visible on the surface. After searching forever, realize they must have slipped through the terrain. Then at various points in the safe shallows, the player is able to slip through as well, continue "swimming" in the terrain, and collect all of the stalker teeth that are underground. Totally bizarre, but just hoarded about 30 teeth...
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