I am the creator of the fan made Subnautica Design Doc

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Several years ago in a basement, unemployed and alone, I made this design document. I made this because I believed in UWE and what they could do. The original Natural Selection beta is still the greatest gaming experience of my life.


Over the years. . people have emailed me countless times asking about this. I never heard a word from UWE after I made it, I don't even think they knew about it for a long time.

I always wanted to be in the game industry, I was a good level designer but nobody ever hired me, and this was my last stitch effort to get noticed. Ultimately I failed, but it is really cool years later to see this on a Trello and have people talking about it.

I don't know what UWE is up to next, but I wish I could be part of their next adventure. They're the only developers I'd work for, and I still haven't forgot about the pet project Future Perfect. I am a designer at heart, in both level, writing, and function. Now days I'm into Blockchain technology and I started making content for Steemit.

So if UWE want to discuss one of the first cryptographic blockchain based video games, that does not have guns; they can reach out to me ; )

Congratulations Unknown Worlds Entertainment on being the most integritous company imaginable, and still managing to be the cream of the crop. I would have bet my life savings on the success of this game. I'll see you in the ocean.

- Mich 'zastels' Mayea


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