Seabase Improvement

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I have some ideas for upgrading the seabase

1) seabase upgrade console
The seabase upgrade console will be a modul that can be placed inside a multipurpose room. It will look like the Cyclops hologram and it will display some information
-hull intergrity
-3d holographique model of the base
-light management for turning on and of light inside and the spot light outside
-a RGB color panel (like in the cyclops) for coloring the seabase
-cameras that can be crafted outside of the base with a habitat builder

2) Seabase storage management
This module will show all the item in all the lock of the room (like the applied energistics mod in minecraft) you can conect other room with something like a power transmiter

3) Moon pools
- Prawn suit exclusif moonpool, a bigger moon pool with more acces (especialy for the storage module)
- A Cyclops GIANT moonpool that can not be placed in safe shallow and kelp forest beacause of it's height it will have an easy acces to the entrance and some bridge for repairing exterior hull you will not be able to place a vehicul upgrade consol beacause the cyclop have one
-Upgrade modul in moonpool like auto repair or storage management module.

4) room and interior ideas
- a bio-dome room : it will be an ideal place for harvesting plant and more
-a biggest observatory
- the ability to place window on the roof of multipurpos room
- a room that is completly fill with water it will have a special cooridor with hacth (a bit like the alien containement but take all the place)
- screen for camera (see seabase upgrade consol)

Do you think those are good ideas ?

(English is not my nativ language, please be indulgent)


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