A while ago some Aurora wreckage appeared at the Spwan, but it had water draining from it

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The devs seem to use co-ords 0 0 0 (near where you spawn) when placing objects to see how they look in-game. A while ago, a huge chunk of the Aurora wreckage spawned there for me



It was mostly above water, which makes sense cause theres not alot of depth to place it below water in the Safe shallows, but it had animations of sparks and water draining down from the wreckage, so they modeled it to be on the surface is my guess


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    There's been other stuff, sometimes monsters, appearing at that location. 0 0 0 seems to be the location for anything that doesn't know where it's supposed to be.
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    There's a streamer that consistently gets a scrap metal or two spawned in the air near his lifepod in what I assume is 0,0,0 upon every game load (even when he picks it up)
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    Once in a savegame I would have dozens of Stalker Teeth (and I literally mean dozens) that spawned around 0 0 0. I would pick them up to use for crafting, only to have just as many appear again when I swam through the area again. You'd think free Stalker Teeth would be a blessing, but after I stopped taking them (cuz you can only use so many) the game would keep track of the spawned ones but it kept spawning more, regardless of how many were present.

    It finally got to the point to where I would avoid the area in question due to having hundreds of teeth in memory, and the game would keep spawning more. Clearing the cache files only served to 'reset' my unlocks but did nothing to fix the issue. I didn't want to restart my save file, but ultimately I was forced to restart everything when my game started crashing due to memory leaks. :confused:

    The moral of the story: If free stuff starts to spawn for no reason, don't look a gift horse in the mouth because karma will get you back... :fearful:
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