Degassi base spawned in around my prawn!

HungryMakoHungryMako Tacoma, Wa Join Date: 2017-11-12 Member: 233959Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
I landed on a spire loaded with the Kyanite (I had been searching for 3days to find), and suddenly the proposed degassing base spawns in around me! My prawnsuit was immobilized and lost. I couldn't drill myself out, couldn't deconstruct the platform around me, nothing.

Why is it so hard to spawned in the terrain and buildings, to keep up with the speed of the vehicles?

You care more about how the sub charges batteries, but not at all about the world simply not being there when it should. I waste countless amounts of energy, food, and water, because of all the stopping to let the world load in. Because if I don't, I will (and have) run into a cliff that wasn't there, or get stuck inside the walls of the alien base, or have a platform bisect my prawnsuit, like some Star trek teleporter mishap.

I am running on the new Xbox One X, so the machine's performance cannot be blamed.

This detracts so much from the immersiveness. Because of this, I have been warning my friends away from the game when they ask.

Fix the important stuff before tinkering with battery charging, or model tweaks.

Seriously, devs do you even care?


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