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SLI is not working properly in the latest patch. With it on i get choppy gameplay even with my frames well over 100 and with gsync so there should be no issues with choppieness, This only started after the latest patch. I turned it off and all seems to be working like normal. Some servers ive had issues with the fps bouncing well below 30 fps with one 1080ti but cant confirm its the server or the patch. Also there are some areas of the map where gorge tunnels are in line of sight but when you shoot at it, it does no damage. i tryed to get a video but no luck, i know where the 2 spots are so far that this happened. The tunnel behind the RT at ore processing and a tunnel behind the boxes behind shipping tunnels. Please look into these issues that would be great ty.


  • dePARAdePARA Join Date: 2011-04-29 Member: 96321Members, Squad Five Blue
    Can simple.exe end in choppy gameplay? I think fluid gameplay is not really needed for some individuals.
    They are hitting anyway,
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    @OscarTheCouch Have you tried rolling back your video drivers just to test? We'll have to see if others have the same issue to determine the source.

    Also, there are decent portions of the gorge tunnel model that are not covered by the hitbox.
    Be sure that isn't where you were shooting at. (see pic attached)
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    Actually, I had trouble shooting a gorge tunnel the other day for no reason at all, it was a position i should have hit ATLEAST 40/50 and I could barely get half.

    Didn't think anything of it till I saw this.
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    Actually I wanted to back up the info about the SLI issue. My SLI performs terribly now, chopping and having frame drops. Works much better with SLI disabled.

    (Fun fact: haven't noticed the issue earlier cause my SLI was off - didn't realize it cause the last patch greatly improved single-card performance for me :D)
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