New Fabricator

justi18562justi18562 Join Date: 2017-02-28 Member: 228386Members
An improved fabricator of which would be an upgrade to the old one where once found could be put into the fabricator to have some storage space. There would be three columns 1 and 2 on the left and number 3 on the right. For example you would be able to put salt in the number 1 slot and fish in the number 2 slot then click on cured fish and leave it in a minute you would come back to the number 3 column having a certain amount of cured fish ready to be picked up. The upgrade would need you to get the materials of the Fabricator and the new upgrade ( a chip) to use in the modification station in order to build it. This improved fabricator would also get a color change from a worn out grey and white with orange stripes to a black or silver with vibrant orange and blue trim.


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