As we're closing to 1.0, some tweaks/little things could still be added

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I have a list of relatively easy but rather convenient additions/tweaks which might make the gameplay process much more enjoyable:

-Vehicle speed display. At least the Cyclops could tell me how many knots I'm pushing out of that babe.

-Cyclops: ability to access Prawn/Seamoth inventory from inside the sub. Especially the Prawn, which is imperative in dangerous zones.

-Prawn: ability to see how much space is left in the suit's inventory.

-Ability to turn off Water Filter, cause it can be devastating in low-energy scenarios.

-Tweak Stasis gun, perhaps nerf it slightly. Imho obtaining it equals to being able to beat all threats regardless of size, with as little as a pot shot in their general direction. Perhaps let it have lesser effects the bigger the target, i.e. slow them instead of completely freezing them.

-Scanner room: allow to scroll all available items, and not just be stuck with whatever it picked up first (like redundant fragments/used databoxes)

-Repair module for Moonpool, akin to Cyclops one

-A clock. I'd love to know how long I have left until night time, or what time of day it is while I'm underwater.

-My personal plead: Cruise control for Seamoth/Cyclops. Nothing more daunting than having to hold W for over 1000m worth of swimming forward. Perhaps the "shift" button could be configured to lock the current vehicle speed, so you could move in a straight line while managing your inventory/reading lore or whatever.

Slightly more complicated additions that would still be nice, though:

-Dive reel can pull you towards the hook. Would make it more viable.

-Seaglide upgrades, perhaps a slightly better version in the modification station with 15-25% more speed, temperature display?

-Make Alterra lady say that there actually ARE life signs detected, but since you're uncapable of finding them in time, they all die. Gives more immersion.

-Vehicle modification station for the Cyclops?

-Mapping. Since buoys and scanner room 3D scans are a thing, perhaps a little handheld device could be used to project their location on a 2D scape, so you could have an approximate idea where everything is?

-My other personal favourite: We have 2 chip slots in the diver costumes. 1 is used for the scanner room display, the other is seldom used for the compass, cause vehicles are a thing.
Perhaps as an extra layer of logic, immersion and challenge, you could create pressure compensator mods for the actual suit. As cool as it is to just leave your prawn at 1500m depth and swagger around, it's a little odd that without any extra protection, the diver can tolerate that depth pressure. A few simple suit mods akin to the vehicle ones could fix that greatly and rather easily.


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