Localization issue - Incorrect word order, that cannot be fixed by translators

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I just noticed that when a fish dies in your inventory, its name ("Dead Spadefish" for example) is formed with the "Dead" adjective and the name of the fish concatenated together. However, while in english the correct way to do this is to put the adjective before the noun, other languages requires the noun to be put before the adjective, and the translators have no way to control how this string is concatenated.

As an example, a screenshot of the french version of the game where the item name isn't properly ordered :smile:



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    It could be that they don't really have official translations yet. These translations could be temporary until they can get someone who knows what they're doing. It's serviceable, but hopefully it'll get fixed before official release in those countries.
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    I actually am translating the game, and created this issue because it was impossible for me to set this right :)
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    It seems the devs are working on this. Today, they changed "Pick up" to "Pick up {0}{1}" - at last! :smile:

    My hope is now that they will also change it for "Dead", "Old", "Decomposing" and "Rotten".
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    I also noticed French translation errors.
    Here's a list :

    1) Schema "Pompe à air murale" (wall air-pump) :
    Error : Plural form is not respected in this item description. It is missing an "s" at the end of "connecté".
    Solution : The item description must end with "tuyaux connectés." instead of "tuyaux connecté.".

    2) Schema "Pot de fleurs" (plant pots and shelfs) :
    Confusing : There is 3 variants for the same name : "Pot de fleurs", "Pot à plantes", "Pot de plantes". The best variant is "Pot de fleurs" in French (also, "Pot de plantes" does not make sens).
    Solution : Choose between "Pot de fleurs" and "Pot à plantes" and use it for the four items.
    In my optinion this should be the translated versions :
    "Basic Plant Pot" -> "Pot de fleurs basique".
    "Composite Plant Pot" -> "Pot de fleurs composite".
    "Chic Plant Pot" -> "Pot de fleurs élégant".
    "Plant Shelf" -> "Pot de fleurs mural" (but for this last one you can keep "Étagère pour plantes", it's fine).

    3) Databank entries not translated :
    Two of them (only the title has been translated but not the content text), under Alien life forms -> Fauna -> Dead/Deceased.
    Solution : Translate content text for :
    -> "Restes d'un spécimen de recherche" (Remains of a research specimen).
    -> "Squelette de Reaper Leviathan" (Reaper Leviathan skeleton).

    4) Databank entry : "Damage reports" (under Downloaded Data -> Alien Data -> Terminal Data).
    Typo : An "a" is missing to "Levithan" in the content text of the entry "Rapports de dommages".
    Solution : Replace "Levithan" with "Liviathan".

    5) Databank entry : Tablet names (under Downloaded Data -> Alien Data -> Scanned Data).
    Typo : Two of the precursor tablets names have no capital letter for the color ("Tablette violette" and "Tablette bleu") but the third one has a capital letter ("Tablette Orange").
    Solution : Either use capital letters everywhere or don't use it.

    That's it for now, thanks for your attention :smile:
    Also, big thanks to the developpers of this great game!


    PS: I wanted to create a new topic for this but I couldn't (since I first need to wait 1 day and post 1 comment to unlock the "New topic" functionality).
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