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    This game is amazing, but playing on it on the Xbox one gets boring fast, constantly having to search for quartz and titanium to build a small hut, searching for hours on end (taking up hundreds of batteries) for blueprints, dying from overpowered aliens because you need that one silver ore but your only weapon at the start is a knife, i know it's not completed, but something amazing to be added would be a quicksavs feature (sure there might be one already but I lost my whole base because I was afk for too long and my Xbox turned off) and definitely achievements or goals set very often to give you something to do. I also definitely think there should be more building options, and the options could definitely be organized better. Thank you for such an amazing game, I'm definitely playing legit as soon as this next update comes.
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    Scalegamer wrote: »
    Is it true that your no longer making it a 2 in 1 but now it is a 3 in 1 update to catch up PC version

    I guess it is going to be a 3 in 1update now :)
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    if it can't be helped then i guess its fine because we are still going to get the updates so eh take your time <3
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    Can't wait for the rocket ending on XB1. When you do the update, you should make there a time until death by Carar counter that appears when you reach the prison, and obviously disappears when you find enzyme 42
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