Can't give away admin with ServerAdmin.json (Need help)

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I can't seem to be able to give away admin to other users.

Here is the configuration im using

Please tell me if im missing something, or doing something wrong.

Only I get to have admin, for some reason other people don't get to have admin even when I put them in the ServerAdmin.json file.

Here is the ServerAdmin.json configuration currenntly:

"groups": {
"admin_group": {
"type": "disallowed",
"commands": [ ]
"subadmin_group": {
"type": "disallowed",
"commands": [ "sv_reserved_slots", "sv_auto_afk_kick" , "sv_add_reserved_$
"users": {
"Monarch Envious Arm": {
"groups": [ "admin_group" ],
"id": 30451717
"Fishsticks": {
"groups": [ "subadmin_group" ],
"id": 111743262
"rednammoC rednammoC": {
"groups": [ "subadmin_group" ],
"id": 75390045

EDIT 1: I've found this thread:

Here is a quote from it that might solve the issue, except I've no idea what he means in the message.
If you can explain that to me, I might be able to resolve this.
JimmyJazz wrote: »
Ok. Problem is the .sjon didn't have S.O Admin permissions. So it wouldn't load. Still, because it doesn't show any error in console, well.

Thanks anyways


FYI: I'm using Debian 64bit, if that helps at all.
I also chmod 777 the ServerAdmin.json
Also ServerAdmin.json works to an extent where it gives admin to me only.


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