What reaper leviathans eat

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I was strolling across the dunes in my prawn suit last night when the old reaper popped up. But that night, it wasn't my seamoth, my prawn, or even me on the menu.

I was presented with a beautiful display of that big predator chasing around the sand sharks.

For a solid 20 minutes it was big, twisty, snake cat vs stubby sandmouse.

Anyone else observe this behavior? It completely distracted me from my farming and made the session better for it.

I definitely want to see more animal behavior like this.

Way to go devs!


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    I've seen those things bully sandsharks and stalkers in the past as well and every single time i've witnessed it that made me laugh maniacally shouting loudly TAKE THAT IN DA CHICKLETS MISTER SANDSHARK (or STALKER!) lol
    Good thing im alone when that happens or else i'd surely look like a complete wacko haha
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    There's every reason to believe a certain amount of "Bigger Fish" games go on in the oceans of 4546B, which is why so many things are so large / bigger than they look in your perspective (jelly and ghost rays, for one, are way bigger than they look).

    Why do Sandsharks hide in the sand? As much to hide from Mr. Reaper as for ambushing their prey. Why do Bonesharks have such thick armor? For tangling with Mr. Reaper, of course. Why do Stalkers tend to stay in the Kelp Forests? They're a natural defense against something with huge antler-mandibles jutting out the side of its head; he gets tangled up.

    That said, there's only one proper answer to the "What do Reaper Leviathans eat?" question. And it's the same answer Flint Fireforge (I think) gave to Tasselhoff Burrfoot when they encountered a giant snail in one of the original Dragonlance books. He asked the same question: "I wonder what it eats [to get so big]?". Flint knew what he was talking about when he said:

    "US, you ninny! RUN!"
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    any idiot that swims anywhere near
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    Short answer.... Everything!

    Except sea dragons of course. I've seen them chasing sandsharks quite a bit. I think lore-wise they're supposed to hunt reefbacks? Something that big could eat quite a few stalkers and still be hungry.
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    My theory is that they ate reefbacks
    that inhabited the dunes
    But when the aurora crashed it displaced those reefbacks as they didn’t have enough space and the radiation killed its source of food. In result the reaper’s source of food left for shallower waters but it couldn’t follow because it evolved to live in the dunes. Therefore, if I’m correct, planet 4546b may see a dramatic population loss of reapers

    Edit: btw I’m assuming the aurora crash site was a dune biome area
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    They eat those small green dot creautres.
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