Fan theory - Subnautica takes place in the portal / half - life universe!

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Ok, this might be a long post, but I've found WAY TOO MANY references / similarties between the portal / half - life games and subnautica.

Part 1: The NS connection.

As you know, Natural Selection I was a mod for Half-Life. Half-Life and Portal take place in the same universe, and Natural Selection I and Subnautica take place in the same universe as well. One can naturally conclude that Subnautica and Half-Life / Portal also take place in the same universe as well.

Part 2: Evidence:

The propulsion cannon looks A LOT like the physics gun / gravity gun.

The spaceship you came on (which was installing a PHASEGATE) is called the aurora. The people in Portal 2 teleported a boat called the borealis.

Cave crawlers look a lot like headcrabs.

The intro to portal 2 with the "you've been asleep for 9... 9... 9.. etc" is a lot like the "estimated rescue arrival time: 9... 9... 9... etc".

That's all I've got for now. If anyone else has some, let me know.


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