First Time meeting a Reaper Leviathan

AgentSkellyAgentSkelly Chicago Illinois At The Moment Join Date: 2017-03-09 Member: 228760Members
My first time was at the front of the aurora in my first play through and i just got every thing i needed to go all the way through the aurora but i was on the sea floor in the koosh fields when suddenly i saw a void and i started swimming to the surface and i heard a roar and i looked down and i saw this giant creature but it passed me so i though it maybe was neutral like gasopod so i pulled my scanner out and he passed again and i saw his name reaper leviathan and i swear my heart stopped when i heard him roar again and then he started swimming right at me and i tried to escape but he just wanted a hug and he hugged me... TO DEATH! Feel free to leave your story below. Thanks


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