Leviathan's Deadly Spawn Distance? + Bug with Waterproof Locker (Not related)

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Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted turned upside down, so let's take a minute to sit right here, and discuss stuff!

So yesterday when I was playing Subnautica I launched up a new Survival world and managed to get all set for the journey to the Aurora, I set out in my trusty Seamoth thinking I could ditch the Seamoth nearby and swim past the Leviathan with my Seaglide. So I go to the ship, the left hand side of it roughly 3/4 toward the back of the Aurora when suddenly a Leviathan spawns in front of me! Of course my first reaction was to be terrified, but back to the matter. It spawned in what looked like a small little ravine (which is where I wanted to park my Seamoth) which was far too close to the surface for me to have expected it to spawn. It spawned roughly 20 meters away from my Seamoth and ended up attacking me, I got away by hiding in a small cave but has this happened to anyone else?
Has a Leviathan been spawning too close to you to react in time and if so is this a feature or just some loading lag (I forget the word for it so "loading lag"), if this is a bug then hey, I reported it but if it is going to be a feature then I would simply like to know so I don't make the same mistake twice :sweat_smile:

Also as a side note I found a bug that caused anything I put into a Waterproof Locker to disappear and be lost forever whenever I would go out of the save (to take a break or just to stop playing for the day) and anything inside would also disappear when I went either too far away from it to render (possibly not but I went 2 biomes away from it to collect materials and when I came back my stuff was gone)! Another part of information is when I look at the Waterproof Locker from below it says "Inventory full" when my inventory is not full and when it has already made the stuff I filled it with inside disappear.

(This is my first post, so apologies if it is not the best layout or if it has already been posted, but I did look and couldn't seen any information on either of these things!)


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