PDA transparency and showing problems [Build 38439]

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Since this recent build ive got problems with my PDA. Whenever i pull it up, it seems to be blurry a bit in certain places but display almost normally while im in other places:

Whenever im in a base, it will be blurry
When im in the water, sometimes it will display almost normally, sometimes it will be blurry a bit
When im in the cyclops, there will be a bug wherein it will seem to open ''outside of the cyclops. It will be only viewable outside the cyclops thru the big window.

I cant seem to post screenies in the bug report forum so i'll link them out down below.

This bug, after testing it a bit around, seem to be affected mostly by ambient lighting. In places where theres alot of light like in a seabase and out in the water during the day, the blurry'ness seems to be worse than in the water during the night where the amount of ambient light is less. This is only an observations tho, not hard facts

Reproduction Step:

Open PDA in various regions of the world
Open PDA at day and night to see differences in Lighting
Open PDA inside Cyclops, noticed it doesnt seem to show. Open PDA in cyclops while facing the big window, notice you can see the PDA screen thru the cyclops window outside the cyclops

Heres some screenies:


Above is an image of my PDA in my seabase, notice the ''White'' blur


Above is an image of me having the PDA opened in the cyclops. Notice you cannot see the PDA window but if i hover the mouse there it'll display the inventory content on the mouse pointer


Above is an image of the PDA window viewable thru the Cyclops's front window, outside the cyclops .... how weird :neutral:


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