ENSL.org Season 11 - Natural Selection 2

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imageENSL.org Season 11 - Natural Selection 2

Sign up now for Season 11 of the competitive Natural Selection 2 League at ensl.org.

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    I miss my badge, any help is appreciated.
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    shape wrote: »
    I miss my badge, any help is appreciated.
    Nominous wrote: »
    Also, I see my badge in my steam inventory, but I don't see it under Manage Badges in the Customize Player menu.

    Thanks for the reports.

    Indeed it seems I messed up and the badges did not unlock correctly in-game. A fix has been released via our extension system so you should be able to select your badge after connecting to a server. After the next update the badges will also be available in the main menu. Sorry for that.
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    For those interested to watch the games of the NCT here are the casts:

    return to zero
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    When the real casters were sleeping, Mega streamed some games without sound here and here. I also streamed one of those games with sound here
    PM sent.
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    Great post by Nominous. I want to make sure players that played in the newcomer tournament or watched the tournament and had fun or saw fun times...the reason for that in my opinion is because 6v6 NS2 is fun. I want to remind people of that when they consider playing season 11. You might think that the newcomer tournament was fun, but I don't know about playing in a season. The newcomer tournament was fun because it involved playing as a team in 6v6, not because it was easy. At least I hope not. The season is a chance to have fun with people you enjoy playing the game with. People wouldn't play it if it wasn't fun. We hope to see players there.
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