Biome: The Crystal Abyss

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The Crystal Abyss

Located at the edge of the map, this area is an abyss that leads toward The Dropoff. There are very big creatures still, many of whom adapted to the darkness and the fluctuating light.


Twilight Crystals
Crystals that come in varying sizes, which pulsate with purple light; the only natural lightsource. They light up floating rocks, walls, and some caves, lighting up and dimming at various rates.


Crawling Bottomfeeder
A large, white spider-like creature that coats the insides of caves and the bottoms of rocks in large numbers. They’re one of the two only non-predatory creatures.

Picture comparison:

Deep Floater
A variation of the Floater, these creatures lift up the floating rocks. They are almost completely see through and more liquidy than their normal cousins.

Scavenger variations of the Floater, the Sinker can latch onto prey and shift their overall mass to extraordinary levels, causing creatures to sink to the bottom and get crushed from the weight. The Sinker then proceeds to consume the remains. This leaves fields of skeletons on the bottom of the Abyss. They are able to move like tumbleweed across the ocean floor, or they can simply float aimlessly until a creature is unlucky enough to be grasped by them.


A large herbivorous fish with a defensive blade in a hammerhead style, these fish can easily slip out of the mouths of predators that manage to eat them whole, as the predator’s throat will be sliced up from the blades. You must grab or eat them from behind, where they are exposed.


An unusual fish, the Flashfish is a medium-sized predator that resembles an Angler Fish. On their back is the same purple crystals that pulsate with light and a strange rocky-like back that resembles stone. The fish curls into a ball waiting for prey to be drawn near the light, waiting for it's moment to strike. Flashfish don’t flash when an Abyssal Terror is nearby.

Abyssal Terror
Second largest predator, the Abyssal terror is half the size of a Reaper Leviathan. With a powerful tail and natural propelling jets, the Terror lunges at its prey, the Flashfish, and carries it away several hundreds feet before anything can react.

Grim Leviathan
The Largest predator; the Grim Leviathan is a common leviathan variation of the Reaper Leviathan. The Grim has a grey topside and a brown underbelly. It’s mandibles are far sharper to pierce through the rocky skin of prey.


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