The platform or other non-habitat ''exterior structure'' structures.

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Now that we're no longer going to need the platform for building bases because the ground is no longer going to terraform around the buildings, perhaps we can add another kind of exterior structure to the game:

I would really love the platform or some kind of strut/girder structure can be put into the game, but not flagged as part of habitat. This way I can finally elevate my solar panel array above the water in the south mountains and safe shallows along with outdoor vegetable growbeds.

Actually, just having the current platform so I can put my solar panels on a flat surface without it being flagged as a habitat would be WONDERFUL.

Now, while we're opening the can of worms, as the new changes in legs and removal of terraforming imply, perhaps we could get a ''strut'' structure (basically an inert Vertical Connector that can snap to the top, bottom and sides of the current habitat tubes) that would clip through the ceiling of caves or to cliff walls? This way I can finally have a mountainside or cave-top-suspended structure that doesn't look like it's supported by voodoo magic...


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