Explorers vs. Survivalists

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So I was reading through a thread and found an interesting quote from @Ralij...
Ralij wrote: »
40 Minute days? Did that change in experimental? It's closer to 20 last I had checked.

This looks like another clash of the explorers vs survivalists thread to a degree. Personally, I've never really had to worry about oxygen outside of large wrecks and caves systems. With two tanks it's more than enough, even without the upgrade for them, to look around and appreciate the scenery. Why can't you look around while in the Seamoth if the air mechanic bothers you?

This got me thinking, and I realized that a lot of the discussions on here end up being a discussion between those two sides. Examples, off the top of my head, are the "A few suggestions" thread, the "make creatures more aggressive?" poll, and/or the various discussions about resource management and the removal of base pieces from starting blueprints.
Seeing as arguments are usually divided into these two sections, I decided to make this poll. Are you a gamer who is more focused on the exploration aspect of this game, the beautiful sights, etc? Or are you more focused on the survival-based challenges, gathering resources and crafting things?

WARNING: This thread only addresses two aspects of the gameplay, and in no way is meant to represent two completely polarized points of view. I recognize that the exploration-survival preference is a spectrum, and that there are other aspects of gameplay.
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Explorers vs. Survivalists 28 votes

I like the Exploration
Darwin-EvolutionTheLordEternalZQuestionTenebrousNovasubnauticambrianLeechSoupDotYumMorph_GuyJamezorgspacediver1223DaveyNYcy4n999Antonio3849andrewcfallennight1986Deep_Thought960 15 votes
I like the Survival
RalijDrownedOutFrustratedfoxxyfoxExcorpion2013Ojakokko 6 votes
I like something else about this game (explain if you want in a comment)
04LeonhardtRainstormkubazet990x6A7232HiSaZuLJulian1337331nailuJpie1055 7 votes


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