Crashed multiple times during game, now it crashes on startup, unable to do anything now

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So I upgraded my PC recently (windows10 64 pro/ intel i7 6700 CPU 4Ghz/ 8g ddr4 RAM, Nvidia 1070 GPU/ 500g SSD/ Acer Predator XB1 monitor).
I found I could play my old saved game, however I didn't want to play it, as it lacked all the new game features & updates, so I deleted it.

Here is where the trouble begins:
I started a new game, and everything was going fine, then it started to crash and crash and crash. I thought because I used some command codes it might have caused an exception, so I deleted it and started over yet again.
With the newest release on December 15, 2016.... I started a new game, and at first it was fine again... and then it crashed 9x (I have all 9 crash reports). Then it would crash on start-up over and over... and now it won't even start. :(

So, I uninstalled and re-installed the game (local contents), and then verified the integrity of game cache, and tried to start Subnautica .... but still CRASH, CRASH, CRASH, CRASH.... it won't even attempt to start now - it just crashes without doing anything at all.


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