A fan fic (featuring the reamains of Julians airship)

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The heat woke me up. Everything was red... maybe sorta orangish? Fire! The escape pod was on fire! I was so startled I nearly rolled off my bunk! The fire extinguisher was on the other side of the pod. I was in big trouble. Clump... clump... clump... BANG! The power conduit exploded! The extinguisher went flying at me! I ducked. CLANG! I looked behind me. The extinguisher left a golf ball sized dent and was squirting white stuff everywhere. I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. I jumped out of bed and looked at the damage. About an hour later I had a fully assessed the damage. Oxygen was critical, all connections to the main thrusters were severed, and the entire cargo bay was missing. Oh and the AI core was completely destroyed. Critical damage. There was only one planet in reasonable distance. Planet 4546B. The only problem is I have been picking up distress signals from 4546B the entire time Iv been out here. But its been a... month... maybe since I last received a distress call. Somebody calling themselves Julian was in contact with me for most of my voyage. Around a month ago he contacted me sounding panicked. I could hear water rushing in the transmission. Then an explosion. The transmission ended there. Assuming Julian was dead that meant that if I collided with 4546B (my current heading) I would be all alone down there. I was wiped out and need water and food. But I had no cargo bay. I heard a proximity alert just then! Rushing over to the control console I looked to see what was going on. According to the sensors I was heading towards a "crash zone" on 4546B. A automated collision countdown came on. "T-1 Hour and 30 Minutes till atmospheric contact." I tried every little thing to make the escape pod move. Everything. "T- 21 Minutes until atmospheric contact." I knew I was headed straight for 4546B and all that failed to escape it. They probably died.


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    Great Job! Also. I Expected Somebody To Think That I Would Be Dead. But Wait. There Would Be A Medium Sized Base. One That's Not Visible. Except Maybe In 1/4th Of A Mile.
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    Shhhhhhh... CRUNCH! I came up gasping for air as the pod sank below. Through me helmet radio I cloud hear it sinking to the bottom of the ocean. In the distance I saw wreckage of what appeared to be an airship. The sound of roaring filled my ears. Something was NOOOT happy with my presence! I looked behind me to see teeth. Lots of sharp rotating teeth. "ROOOOARRRR!!!" To which I responded "No thank you?" And then with nothing but a fire extinguisher I fended of the beast. I took the extinguisher out of my backpack and threw it into the monster mouth! GRRRRRSHHHHH... CLINK CLINKCLINKCLINK! I didn't look back. I just swam as fast as I could. I could hear the sound of teeth hitting metal the entire time I swam. I just didn't look back. When I looked up I saw I had swam near a large chunk of the airship. I read the marking on the side. "R.C.S. Bitcoin." "Property of Rich Clan." I read. Looks like someone is obsessed with virtual money. I swam down as far as my suit would let me. I only had a minute of oxygen so I had to be careful. At first I tried to open the airlock with my bare hands. It wouldn't budge! Then I grabbed a piece of metal and proceeded to smash the door as hard a possible. Wouldn't open! After going to the surface for air I noticed a crate. Upon looking closer I noticed there was a cutting tool in the box. According to the instructions on the back of the cutter it could open virtually anything. So I swam to the airlock and started to cut. GRRGGGGGGGG. It took forever to cut the entire door around. Only having about a minute of oxygen for every attempt didn't help. About ten minutes latter the cutter go stuck. I tried everything. I yelled "WHY WONT YOU OPEN!?!" and banged hard on the almost completely cut door. I was about to swim up to the surface when I heard the sound of the airlock door falling open. "Now ya open?" I said. When I swam inside I was amazed by the amount of damage the airships interior took. Crates here, scrap metal there, a large chunk of unpurified cadissium in one corner. I thought to myself "Isn't cadissium is illegal?" I heard metal scraping and looked up just in time to a power generator smash through the celling! It fell and might have hit its unfortunate target (me) had I not stumbled into a pile of cadissium in shock and surprise. SMASH! The portable generator hit a few feet in front of me and immediately started to overload! I ran faster than I ever had, not even when my own ship was collapsing in on me. I heard a muffled explosion followed my the sound of rocks cracking. "Oh-" I never got to finish.
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    This is actually decent. And readable.
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    ... but would be so much more interesting if it had a bit of scurrility in it.

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    More coming soon... at like 11:00 am where I live. SO a bit till I make more. About 4 hours.
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