What do you think about a Subnautica sequel?

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Now, don't go clicking that disagree button just yet. Let me explain. I realize that Subnautica isn't even fully released, so any kind of sequel will most likely come in a couple years. But with all these questions about adding new content to Subnautica, I thought maybe these could be realized in a sequel. Such as the Lilypad biome, the Phantom Leviathan, and the ever important Rock Puncher along with many other concept creatures didn't make the cut. These things are unlikely making 1.0, but I could see them making it in for a game in a different part of Subnautica's ocean, a place beyond the void of Subnautica. But that's just my thoughts.
I've been skulking around here for almost four years.

Yet I still have no idea what's going on.

What do you think about a Subnautica sequel? 96 votes

Yeah, that would be a cool idea.
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No, one Subnautica is enough
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Why are we even discussing this?
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Save the Rock Puncher!
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