[Experimental] Build 35229 -- Items on Fabricator tray not pick'able

RainstormRainstorm Montreal (Quebec) Join Date: 2015-12-15 Member: 210003Members
edited July 2016 in Subnautica Bug Reporting
As per the title implies, Now that some items like tools and items like the Titanium/Plasteel ingots remains on the tray and are not automatically added to the player's inventory, sometimes if you create multiple items in succession before picking one thats already on the tray there a chance that an item gets bugged and become un-pickable. It will stay on the tray there and there is no way to retrieve it

The Fabricator remains usable however but the said item is lost. The same thing can happen at the Modification Station, some created modules or tool becoming un-pickable there if you forget to pick up an item prior to making another one. The only way to prevent this as of right now is to make sure that you pick up any and every items as they're made before making another one


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