After Subnauticas release, which setting will be next?

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Yeah I know. This may be waaay to early to even think of as of now, especially for the devs I guess. Working so hard getting Subnautica together and future perfections after the release.
But I cant help myself to speculate and dream of what they will do after that into the far future.

First off.

This depends a bit on what type of objects we have in the Subnautica setting.
As of now (as far as I know). The planet (or moon) we are on are named 4546b?
That can mean several things.

1: We are on a water planet that share a gravitational center with the redish object we see in the sky (4546a?) and both have this single moon (4546c) orbiting around.
2: We are on an ocean moon, the closest of two (the other brighter one being farther out in orbit), orbiting a arid/ barren/ lava/ desert planet. I guess a superearth, much bigger than earth. If thats the case, I guess the other, farther out moon is called 4546a, we are 4546b and the redish one just 4546.

Now. Subnautica are latin which means "underwater explorer", "deep navigator", "submerged"
Say the next game will be kinda a sequel after you possible escape our ocean world and head to the moon/ planet in the sky to set up a temporal science base (something could go wrong on the way there, right?). Now what coul be a fitting name?
I was using this site to get a latin name, fitting for the seemingly barren/ hot thing in the sky. It may not be 100% accurate in translation but oh well.

I came up with Praeter which means several things, I choose "over".

apart from
In addition to
in spite of

Then another word Ignis, for "fire".


Many fitting combinations.
Though I went with Praeter Ignis = Over Fire. This could be one among fitting names for the new game in the same setting as Subnautica.
While you need to dive into the ocean to find things to survive on. In Praeter Ignis you could either be digging into a hot barren planet/moon to find possible water and other resources to survive. To finally get whatever starship up and running to get out of that solar system. OR it could be volcanic active planet/moon where you need to stay "over fire" to survive and struggle to find what you need while avoiding searing heat.

All of this might seem a bit over the top maybe but its just an idea for something years ahead. If UW have such ideas for the future in mind at all. Long after Subnauticas release.
I so love to speculate. Gotta get back into the ocean now and cool my mind :wink:

What do you guys and gals think? Could this be a possibility or do you have other ideas?
Feel free to share :smile:


  • dealwithitdogdealwithitdog Texas Join Date: 2016-06-09 Member: 218343Members
    So, it's basically the opposite of Subnautica?
  • NorulvNorulv Norway Join Date: 2016-06-13 Member: 218528Members
    One possible way. But in the same universe as Subnautica are set in. Totally fine by me if there could be a Subnautica 2, set on the same planet with different missions, problems and goals.
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    I think the main appeal of Subnautica is it's underwater setting. To move away from that would be an incredibly bad move in my opinion, as we already have an overabundance of survival games.

    Also, they do underwater so well, they could very easily take their knowledge and make a new underwater game. Different scenery, different biomes, different creatures.

    It could even just be a big DLC really. A second game might not be such a good idea because it would be considered "just more of the same" by many.
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    Survive on a hostile planet like Venus. Mars is another possibility, but seems like Easy mode compared to Venus.
  • NorulvNorulv Norway Join Date: 2016-06-13 Member: 218528Members
    edited July 2016
    Hmm. Mars have been done so many time alredy by other developers games. DooM, Red Faction, Technomancer etc
    Now Venus or a similar planet can be a very interesting setting. All up in the "air" setting so to speak. Spacestations orbiting just above such planets with creatures living there. Yeah I know, Cloud city from star wars might ring a bell. But they should make it a bit more, realistic so to speak. Also there might be released a new movie next year called The Leviathan. Be aware its a proof of concept trailer.

    Im sure gonna watch that movie!

    But yeah for now UW should focus on what they do best with Subnauticas setting and improve upon that until they are ready for something else.

  • DagothUrDagothUr Florida Join Date: 2016-07-12 Member: 220125Members
    I was going to say that the game definitely takes place on a moon, but then again it might just be two moon-sized objects orbiting each other. And by moon-sized I mean normal moons, not Earth's gigantic sister. Why do I say this? Well, the size of it in the horizon is huge, yet look at the size of the waves - or rather the lack thereof. It's perpetual calm seas, day & night. Nor does it ever rain, or storm, or even get more than lightly cloudy. That says that despite it's apparent size that the big red thing in the sky actually has hardly any mass it it at all.

    Next, factor in the sheer speed of rotation. It's about 15 minutes between day and night, so an entire rotation is only half an hour long. Now factor in the sheer force such a velocity would infer and realize that force increases with the size of the planet. If an Earth sized planet rotated that fast we'd be looking at wind speeds of... well, we'd pretty much wouldn't have mountains anymore, okay? Yet again, the planet has hardly any wind and no discernible weather (or seasons, for that matter, indicting that it's tide-locked on top of everything else). So we're talking tiny little body.

    But then how do we get normal gravity? Only way I can see is to have a super-dense core, like pure tungsten or the like. And this is where is gets really interesting because if you've got core like that and it's made out of anything with a high magnetic susceptibility then you're talking about potential EM fields encircling the planet so powerful that anything hitting them would feel like it just got blasted by an EMP.

    Funny, that.
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