Spark Detailing Exercise #4: Man vs Nature

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"Create a scene in which nature dominates, but mankind is leaving a distinct visual footprint."

Restrictions: None. Go wild if you wish, but remember that it's really easy to think too big and have the scope of your idea result in failure. If anything think small. This is a detailing exercise. Especially if you don't really have a lot of time to dedicate to this, just make your scene smaller in scope.

Due date: Monday June 13th. That's three weeks and a bit of weekend from now. If you finish earlier, feel free to post your work. I'm not setting an earliest due date for this.

I wanted to include some examples of natural assets from NS2, since your first idea might be "but it's a sci-fi game with technological and space ship assets!" There's enough vegetation assets to be found in the game to make something cool-looking. Also, even though both these a examples are all trees-and-shrubberies, nature doesn't have to be green. Arctic wastes or an underwater scene are a-okay in my book. But remember: don't think too big and get lost in your own idea.


This is a creative, visual exercise that is meant to help you get better at lighting and detailing your levels. There is no need to make your entry abide by unwritten NS2 mapping rules such as limited lines-of-sight, avoiding tactically OP hiding spots, etc.

When submitting your level in this thread, please post enough screenshots from various angles to show off your work, include links to the .level file (or the Steam Workshop page if you published it there), and links to any source material you used. You are free to use concept art, photographs, sketches, or any other sources for inspiration as long as you include them in your submission post. Please try to include your thoughts and motivation for what you were trying to accomplish; point out what you were happy and unhappy with, etc.

Use this thread to post questions, discuss the theme, and eventually post your submission. Once submissions are posted, please try to discuss and post constructive criticism on each entry. If your submission isn't completely done by the end of the specified period, don't sweat it. Just post it, and we will try to provide feedback on what's there.

The rules may change in later exercises.


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