New feature: PDA moving more in the water

RainstormRainstorm Montreal (Quebec) Join Date: 2015-12-15 Member: 210003Members
Recently they've implemented a new feature in the game as to when the player is in the water, when you open your PDA the character's hand move more thus making inventory management while in the water a bit more ..... uh, ''complex'' While this is certainly more immersive cuz in fact when someone is in the water holding something still is much harder (if not next to impossible) this makes managing inventory much more frustrating.

At first when i saw this implemented i thought it was a bug but i soon came to the conclusion that this was in fact intended and then found it kinda cool that they wanted to add a certain degree of realism in such a manner. But after awhile the cool'ness of the thing becomes a bit tedious i find.

What do you all guys think on this? Do you like such a degree of immersive'ness or do you think its much more trouble than its worth? :smiley:


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