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Current translation page admins:

- @GhoulofGSG9
- @Mendasp
- @Acedude

If you have any issues with the translate website please contact them

Current admins for each language:

Bulgarian: @AdmiralAnimE
Chinese (Simplified): @axamdeep‌
Czech: @navazka
Danish: BetterPoul
Dutch: @DC_Darkling‌
Finish: @MisterOizo‌
French: @Pelargir‌
German: @ChrisStark
Hungarian: @Noodles777
Korean/Japanese: Emo
Polish: @Carnage‌
Romanian: @CptClutch
Russian: @Well‌
Serbian: @Omidion‌
Spanish: @Mendasp‌
Swedish: @d4rkAlf
Turkish: @MrChad

Your language doesn't have a admin yet?
Then apply in this thread for it ;)


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