What do YOU use the Cyclops for?

AegilAegil Perth, Australia Join Date: 2016-03-26 Member: 214833Members Posts: 94 Fully active user
Just to be clear, this isn't a DERP, I can't figure how to make it go. This is, what function does it serve in your particular play style?

For me, I use it as a mobile moonpool. I know that it's not the "best" use. Heck, given how this lumbering beast is tricky to maneuver and can only be recharged by feeding it a diet of acid mushrooms, copper and creepvine (i.e. power cells), many players consider it a waste of time. But I've found that after building a storage locker or two in the seamoth bay, it can be rather handy. I load those lockers with various modules for the seamoth, allowing me to configure it for a new function at or close to the area that I'm operating in. A bunch of sandsharks and the like? Load up the torpedo tubes and clear the pesky buggers out, or just charge up the shocker. Need to dive deep? Pressure modules and probably a sonar. You get the idea. I just like being able to do that without traveling all the way back to a base first. No, I can't recharge off of base power. Not yet, anyway. But these days my secondary bases consist of a moon pool and a single multi-function room, anyway.

So, how you YOU use the Cyclops in it's current incarnation?
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  • PauoloPauolo France Join Date: 2016-03-13 Member: 214187Members Posts: 54 Advanced user
    Like you, I'm using it as a mobile base, and I've added several lockers to store resources without having to go back to my base from time to time. As for the Seamoth, I use it for cave exploration or narrow biomes like the blood kelp forest.
  • FlammaRilvaFlammaRilva Taiwan Join Date: 2016-03-21 Member: 214633Members Posts: 10 Fully active user
    As a reaper protection.
  • TenebrousNovaTenebrousNova England Join Date: 2015-12-23 Member: 210206Members Posts: 641 Advanced user
    I use it as a mostly self-sufficient mobile base. What with the hanging fruit trees I planted in there and the resource stockpiles, I theoretically could live in there for a very long time without having to leave. But where's the fun in that? So I use it when visiting dangerous biomes such as the Aurora wreckage and the underwater islands.
  • WheeljackWheeljack Chilling in the Grand Reef Join Date: 2016-03-17 Member: 214338Members Posts: 126 Advanced user
    Transport mainly. I load it up with lockers and resources and use it to move stuff to new base locations. I'd like to be able to do more with it, but in its current state of affairs, I can't justify the cost to keep it running. I haaaaaaate making powercells.
  • Cynical_ScrubCynical_Scrub England Join Date: 2016-03-19 Member: 214540Members Posts: 36 Fully active user
    I use it to watch reapers... Literally all I use it for.
  • nitay1998nitay1998 Isreal Join Date: 2016-02-21 Member: 213278Members Posts: 88 Advanced user
    Maybe we will need it for deep sea biomes exploring like the inactive lava zone or lost river and maybe we would be able to dock the EXO suit in it too
  • eastofdeatheastofdeath usa Join Date: 2016-02-28 Member: 213559Members Posts: 250 Advanced user
    A paper weigh. No really nothing at the moment. I find the seamoth with a inventory full of upgrades more useful.

    Untell the Cyclops gets more upgrade slots or better upgrade types, its just a expensive beacon.

    Also on a new start playing on hardcore and experimental I have yet to find the Cyclops or seamoth yet.
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  • zetachronzetachron Germany Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Members Posts: 1,189 Advanced user
    Right now the cyclops is completely useless for me. I have a few bases with moonpools recharging my seamoth with pressure modules, sonar, shock defense and extra luggage space. And that will stay until:
    • The cyclops gets chelonian hull upgrades
    • It can roll and tilt like the seamoth
    • It gets its own scanner map display for the cockpit hud
    • It gets floodlights to see in dark water
    • It can recharge at stations or some other way
  • ADM_NtekADM_Ntek Join Date: 2016-03-18 Member: 214456Members Posts: 129 Advanced user
    right now it serves as beacon for my base i have moved it probably around 100m total in the 20 hours i had it and unless i can recherge it without waten cells it is going to stay were it is.
  • geez123geez123 Join Date: 2016-03-26 Member: 214858Members Posts: 1
    Like a lot of other people, the cyclops is a power drain! So mine is fairly dormant for the time being. Hopefully we can get a solar upgrade to it soon :smiley:
  • The_SharkThe_Shark USA Join Date: 2015-08-24 Member: 207433Members Posts: 559 Advanced user
    I do all of my important stuff and things in my SeaBase, since it has basically unlimited power.
    Sorry, had to do that.

    Anyway, I have a farm, my fabricator, three moonpools, and an entire section for keeping pictures in my SeaBase. Whenever I'm not out and about, I have my Cyclops hovering about 15 meters above the entrance.
    Every time I go out and about, I decide in advance what I'm going to be doing. Do I want to pick a fight with the wildlife? Better go get Ivan, the only SeaMoth I have that has torpedoes. Deep-sea? Challenger. Just going about at high elevation exploration? I'll gladly take the Sphinx, it has a solar charger.
    After deciding on what Moth to use, I park it in the Cyclops, and off I go. I always know in advance where I'm going, and thanks to my four hundred billion beacons, I know exactly which way to go. So, I go to the location, and in about the middle of the area I want to explore, that's where I park the Cyclops. I then use it as a stationary base of operations, to take the stuff back to whenever my own inventory is full. I prefer using the Cyclops as the mothership instead of just going with the SeaMoth, due to its massive adaptability. I have a Fabricator inside for emergencies only, and it's the place where I keep all of my items.
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  • SidchickenSidchicken Plumbing the subnautican depths Join Date: 2016-02-16 Member: 213125Members Posts: 1,005 Advanced user
    The cyclops is good for hauling large amounts of resources to otherwise sparse or difficult to reach areas for building a base - fill the bay with lockers and take it somewhere like the crash zone where scrap metal and quartz are abundant. Fill it with resources, then drive it somewhere the scrap and quartz aren't, like the ILZ, Deep Grand Reef (OK there's Q there, but no scrap), one of the islands maybe... saves running back and forth with the moth to resources, especially in situations where you're building deep and can't fit the moth with storage lockers.

    Other than that, with the removal of the ability to attach solar panels, the 'clops lost a lot of its usefulness, although I understand why they did that - with essentially unlimited power there was no reason to have a seabase. Especially with the addition of farming, you'd easily be able to survive indefinitely aboard the sub.
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  • AvimimusAvimimus Join Date: 2016-03-28 Member: 214968Members Posts: 402 Advanced user
    I actually rather like the fact that the Cyclops is more difficult to drive (I'd actually prefer if there was a difficulty setting where it was harder). It sets it apart from the Seamoth and gives them different roles.

    I use the Cyclops for the following:
    - As a safe diving bell for short EVAs in dangerous waters where I might need to retreat suddenly
    - As a resource harvester (where I advance 200 metres, then harvest the area, then advance again)
    - Finally, as a resource transport to carry base building supplies to new biomes

    I also use it for exploring distant areas where I need a capacity to cook or supplies. These expeditions need preparation though, as I need to make new power cells. However, for long expeditions it can be more efficient than using the Seamoth since one doesn't have to travel back to base repeatedly and since it doesn't use up power when stationary (i.e. you can refill your oxygen tanks in it without losing battery power).

    I expect it will continue in this role as I may use it as a Seamoth tender (as Aegil suggests).

    So, it has multiple uses. However, they are not day-to-day uses.
  • Calarand77Calarand77 lurking in general forums Join Date: 2016-01-22 Member: 211786Members Posts: 324 Advanced user
    Mine is currently parked right outside my base, just floating there in the shallows and looking very pretty. Unless I plan to explore an extremely deep/dangerous zone, the Cyclops is just a fancy decor for me. It takes a lot of effort to keep it powered, and driving it is a real nightmare for me, so cool and awesome though it is, I prefer the Seamoth for all my traveling purposes.
  • rhys_elcinsrhys_elcins UK Join Date: 2016-01-26 Member: 212148Members Posts: 129 Advanced user
    I've, ahhhhhh, cheated slightly, in that I'm still using the same save from when solar panels could still be put on the cyclops.......
    I use it for the following:
    • diving bell for O2/safety (reapers)
    • when I think the seamoth might get too badly damaged (when going to repair the Aurora)
    • harvesting/resource gathering platform (4 empty large lockers is my standard, but I have a small with resources to make more if I want to)
    • when I moved my base
    • when setting up a satelite
    • to carry around a lot of equipment that'd otherwise be filling the much more limited space in my inventory on on a seamoth, including a load of food and water
    • to carry around a couple of seamoth upgrades
    • mobile fabricator, in case I forgot something that I can't be bothered enough to go back to (main) base for - usually glass or something else simple
    • mothership for seamoth - as it self-recharges and I don't mind that it's slower to get places
    • I have recently set up a hanging-fruit-tree farm in there, so I can make even more extended trips out

    I still don't use it as a main base for the following reasons:
    • it has no sense of permanence
    • I can't put water filtration machines and large aquaria in it
    • the view isn't great and is spoiled by light pollution
    • I like to spread out..... when I moved my base, I literally FILLED the seamoth access deck and the upper power room with large lockers of mats..... my base is now easily twice the size it was then
    • I can't really make it my own in the way I can make a base 'mine'.....have a look at the seabase showcase if you don't get my point

    I do however use it more than the seamoth generally.
  • zetachronzetachron Germany Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Members Posts: 1,189 Advanced user
    I'll never submit and use this thing as a transport turtle and talk about how cool it is to store all your things there and that you must accept driving it without tilt and roll. I'll simply sink this thing at the lava castle and wait until it get's upgraded (which should've happened already 2 months ago).

    Since O2 was cut down, I'll enjoy my seamoth till end game content gets near.
  • BobythebeeBobythebee France Join Date: 2016-03-09 Member: 214045Members Posts: 192 Advanced user
    for now i'm arranging him, I've stacked some high cap cells on the engine room, just between this room and the Seamoth hatch there is the Captain's desk facing a fruit farm, for now the deepest accessible biomes I know are reached by my Seamoth and exploration isn't so much work.

    So this big mobile base is in stand-by until I'll plan to build a deep base, explore and mark the way in jelly Shroom caves or reach a new biome etc
  • project_mercyproject_mercy Aurora Engine Room Join Date: 2016-03-27 Member: 214884Members Posts: 40 Fully active user
    edited March 2016
    For what it was clearly designed for:

    Covering the lower hull with floaters and skimming over the surface of the water like a hydrofoil until you run out of power and then hopping out and hoping you can get them all off with the propulsion cannon before it's lost to you forever.
  • raven2010raven2010 USA Join Date: 2015-05-28 Member: 204980Members Posts: 43 Fully active user
    edited March 2016
    well I made mine and I rammed the F bomb into the Reaper. Alot... because the reapers are the A hole masters of the sea and deserve it
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  • LightdevilLightdevil Austria Join Date: 2015-06-10 Member: 205381Members, Subnautica Playtester Posts: 194 Advanced user
    I use its nose to jump up on it, and from there onto the top of my multipurpose rooms, which are out of the air just enough to be able to build farming trays ontop of them. Thats all i use the cyclops for, gg.
  • ErgossErgoss KY Join Date: 2016-03-02 Member: 213722Members Posts: 49 Fully active user
    edited March 2016
    I'm with Wheeljack et al and used my last one as my city in a can. I stuffed 68 lockers with >2000 titanium, >1000 quartz (much pre-processed into glass), a few lockers of lithium and a bunch of eggs and plant samples for making my research ark. Alas, that much construction (combined with my previous efforts) bogged down my game to where I couldn't install the windows and aquaria. With my present game, if get as far as a cyclops before restarting a newer update, I figure I'll pretend I already have battery charging capabilities and stock a locker with power cells and use it as a mobile omnibase and maybe rebuild my ark.
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  • VrmithraxVrmithrax Portland, OR Join Date: 2016-03-29 Member: 215019Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
    I currently use the Cyclops as many others do, as a mobile mothership/base. I'd like to think that it will have more importance later on, like if a much larger world opens up to us and you need the Cyclops to "zone" between sectors, perhaps?

    I really would like to see a "power generation" option available for the Cyclops to make it more useful. Maybe give us a place on the spine of the ship where we can place a solar array, bio reactor, nuclear reactor, etc. One of the standard power options now, forced into a specific slot on the ship. The power cell grind just gets to be too annoying when using the Cyclops over long durations...
  • sayerulzsayerulz oregon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203493Members Posts: 744 Advanced user
    I might use it if I ever felt the need to get rid of a huge amount of copper.
  • zetachronzetachron Germany Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Members Posts: 1,189 Advanced user
    Why does driving the cyclops remind me of playing tetris?
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