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I'm having trouble with my server. Old local players are showing up as rookies and can't comm. Seems playing on my server isn't counting towards them not being rookies anymore either.

So I need to know two things:

First Can I set a server to be rookie friendly so rookies can comm?

Second, how do I get my server on the hive whitelist so players actually get somewhere?



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    Hi, in your ServerConfig.json file, you should now see a rookie_only option, set that to true and restart your server for rookie only mode. Be aware though, that players considered non-rookie (Hive level 3+ or 7500 points) will not be able to join a team on a rookie only server.

    Hive whitelists are done manually by a UWE staff member. I believe they are whitelisting every 2 weeks at the moment, so just keep playing rounds and it will be on the whitelist eventually.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that there may still be an option like the old rookie_friendly in the config file. Sadly I have a bunch of experienced players who show up and rookies and cant comm as a result. Makes it pretty hard to keep the community going if the big players don't get to play properly. Guess I'll just have to wait for UWE to whitelist the server.
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    Diamond gamers will you please remove your shit-tier mods from your rookie only server? my friends who want to join constantly tell me that they're failing because your mods won't download (they want to try bootcamp) i would hope that UWE will frown down upon anything other then ns2+ / shine running on rookie friendly servers
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