Applied Energistics Storage System for End Game.

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Applied Energistics is a mod for Mine Craft commonly found in almost all the really massive popular modded mine craft servers and packs.

AE2 Basics : The simplest ( I am 100% over simplifying this mod ) way to explain what applied energistics does for minecraft is to think of it as an advanced computer network in the game that has the power to "Tron" digitize items and store them in the system, as you advance through the progressions of this system it's capability expands to crafting with the things stored within.

Subnautica Science Energistics.

All of the bellow units would of course draw power, if the base power runs out the system would not be accessible view the terminal but you would still be able pick up the disks..
  • Core Terminal : A unit the size of the water filtration system that act's as the core terminal and processor for accessing the system, this terminal would contain a single drive for storage(explained in a second.) , when the player interacts with this system they would get up a new UI listing everything stored and their quantity, on the right of the UI would be some simple search and filter options for easy searching, essentially letting us look at every item stored in the base all from a single window, no more hunting through 10 storage lockers for some random material.
  • Drive Bay's : Basically a server rack, wall mounted again like the water filtration machine, think something that takes up a full wall that extends out about the depth of a large storage, it would have lots of Drive bay's in it that are empty and an internal storage for holding Disks(Explained in a second)
  • Disks : In applied energistics part of the progression is the drives, or disks that hold all the things, it starts off with a 1k then 4k , 16k 64k ect, the step ups are less important the important thing is that a 1k drive might hold 100 items installed in Drive bay, while a 4k disk would hold 400 in the same single drive bay so its a whole level of progression.
That would make up the basics now onto the extensions.
  • Mass Fabricator : Another unit the size of the water filtration machine think a real life 3D Printer the side of a wall, should have a large window on the front so you can see what it's fabricating, it will also have a terminal on it allowing you to select anything you need to be crafted, selecting something will have the mass fab look in the system for the base materials and then use them to craft the item, this machine should have a exit slot like the water machine where it would spit out what you crafted, if that slot is full then anything else would go back into the system and stored.
  • Processor Unit : An additional Unit wall mounted that boosts the speed of the mass fabricator, picture the drive bay but instead of disks your inserting CPU's, add's another level of progression for the people who are impatient and want their things crafted at light speed.
  • Processor : 1k 6k etc... same as the drives a part of the whole systems progression.
  • External Diskdrive : An external disk drive( about the size of the workbench) can be placed anywhere and allows the user to access anything stored on a single disk which can be inserted in the drives disk bay.

    This would be handy for putting on the cyclops, and for using if your main system on your base ever runs out you can have a disk drive some where with solar power so you can get at your things and sort out your power issue.

I picture all of the above fitting into a single room and being the central hub of any base but if done correctly it would not be something built instantly the way I see it players would initially use the current storage units, as they gain resources and their base builds and their ability to explore improves they would unlock the bits the further they go, first coming accross the main terminal next a drive allowing them to get the basics working and then from there progressing into the additional units and extra stuff.

It's the future people we should not be storing things in shelve's when we have a machine that can take raw materials and fab an item we surely have the technology to digitize something and save it more efficiently.


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    I like the idea of being able to organize the entire base inventory through a single window, but it would need to be balanced against system size and cost to make sure it doesn't become some sort of bottomless pit. My twist on this would be to limit the total space added by storage upgrades to be similar to what a large cabinet does now, so if you want tons of space, you have to build and power tons of upgrades.
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    I voted yes altho i have my reserves for such a game mechanic. While all this seems like a good idea ( and i certainly understands you about storing things on shelves when we can litterally modify materials down to the cellular level to recreate something completely new) i think that its easy to get ahead of ourselves in this way.

    It seems to me that by adding lockers, small lockers and 4x4 cubes the devs actually want us to struggle a bit with space management instead of just going out there and plunder every single ressources there is and then have infinite storage capacity in just one base. Personally id love to have some kind of ''universal storage system'' that i can put stuff in from anywhere infinitely then retrieve it from any other terminal, but im not convinced thats the direction the devs are willing to take.

    Maybe if enough players vote for this they might be convinced, who knows :p
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    Yeah as I mentioned above they should be part of the games core progression and not something you can build right off the bat, their resource cost should be on part with that.

    Also you need to factor in that they take will a full wall in a room for each part so there is a hefty physical space requirement which is also a factor to limiting as well as the disks.

    You see your not just crafting 1 thing to store items like you do with the locker, your crafting the system, the drive bays, and then all the individual drives the resource need for the small 1k or entry drives should be low but as the space increases the material cost should go up in a steep curve as well making having a base with all the best drives and all the best cpu's something the player cant do quickly it will be something that will cost a lot and take a lot of time which will all add game play and progression.

    It's sad that I have just discovered they intend to stop support for DX9 which will end my ability to play the game, so this might very well be the last suggestion from me :(
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    So the external Diskdrive would be like a computer that remotely connects with the hub inside the base?
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    No it would only display what was on the disk that you insert into it.

    So example might be your nuclear power source dies so you cant access your system, you pop the disk which holds your uranium out of the disk bay take it to your cyclops where you have an external drive installed and you pop the disk in there, the cyclops powers the drive so you can open the disk and pull out some uranium.

    Cyclops, Another base, does not matter the stuff is on the disk your just using the drive to get it out.

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    The only reason i clicked no was because this would be too complicated, yes, it is a good idea but something like a sorting system that stores items by converting them into computer data sounds like it would be very complicated to make(craft). If the devs find a way around this(i.e. making it difficult but not infuriating to craft) then i am all for it.
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    rather than digitize, I'd suggest to have builder build "storage room" which would be slightly larger rectangle than moonbay and work in conjunction of storage computer (another room needed to build that's directly in contact to storage room. with computer is adjacent delivery line where placed items are moved into sorting and storing and another line where retrieved items and moving, these storage rooms would be stacking the size for single computer unit if placed adjacent to each other, there would be placeable peripherals for managing computing unit, along whit entry and exit for item moving. these control units would be like water filtration machine placed onto room's wall adjacent to piping system coming out of computing unit, this is either by placing control unit directly next to computing, or by adding specialized pipes (which can be curved to left, right, up and down)
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