new base mechanics idea.

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alright. i do not remember a lot of my halloween but i remember drawing up a diagram (if i find it i'll post it here) of a base with ballast tanks attached to the foundations, and ropes with anchors attached to the sea floor at all corners of the base.

now, odds are i was thinking about a system where you could raise and lower your base. why you would do that i have no idea but hey. i thought it was neat enough to share.

EDIT: upon coming back to this i had the grand idea of what if we could dock our cyclops to the base, have it charged by the base power, and use the cyclops to move the base around in the 2D plane, and the ballast tanks for 3D maneuvering?

maybe permanent floats on the bottom of a foundation to make a giant catamaran style raft. (maybe adding giant sails too?)

ok i know, i know it's dumb. i'll take my meds and go sit in the corner.


  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I kind of like the idea of being able to "raise" your base once its built. It reminds me of the movie "Water World"
  • BugzapperBugzapper Australia Join Date: 2015-03-06 Member: 201744Members
    An even older idea than you'd think.

    Gerry Anderson's 'Stingray' (1964) had an entire city called 'Marineville' that lowered into underground bunkers during an attack.

    Still one of the coolest submarine designs ever.
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    Reminds me of Cameron's THE ABYSS. I believe there was something similar to what you've mentioned in the movie.
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