exo suit tools/ module suggestions.

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it would be awesome if they added the ability to put modular tools onto the exosuit.

lets make a list here with our ideas and maybe this system could get considered?

im sorry but this is what i immediately thought of.....


(devs plz)


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    Oh baby you know I have ideas.

    Being able to swap out the arms for specific tasks, ala Armored Core would be rad.
    So you could have TWO drills, or TWO grabbers.

    As for new attachments or tools, I figure there could be ones on the shoulder, and ones mounted to the arm. There'd be 2 arm slots, and 2 shoulder slots, for a total of 4 different tools, and an infinite number of combinations.

    Arm Mounted modules include:

    A large scale fabricator built into the arm of the exosuit to rapidly construct Seabase modules. Has 4 nano lasers in the place of fingers. Some large scale base modules could only be built by Exo-Builder.

    A large scale plasma torch that can weld multiple broken spots over a wide area at the same time.

    -Rotary Blade
    Powerful chainsaw for cutting through thick coral formations. Also makes a handy personal defense weapon. Chainsaw retracts into a sheath when not being used. Can be upgraded with carbide teeth to increase the cut rate.

    -EPP (Electromagnetic Pneumatic Press)
    Large, metal spike that uses magnetic rails to fire forward and pulverize rock before retracting back into place. Punches huge holes in landscape, good for terraforming, or giving that Reaper Leviathan what for! New Piles would have to be constructed from 2 Titanium and 1 Lithium.

    -Shock Anchor
    Jet-propelled blade that embeds into creatures or plants, before delivering a powerful electric shock to neutralize them for study. Attached to a cable that draws directly from the Exosuit's power supply. (Using one on one of the soon to be added electrical creatures could cause a back surge and deal damage to the suit, or kill the player. Or, in rare cases, it could supercharge the suit, temporarily making it invincible or giving it unlimited energy.)

    -Stasis Cannon
    Upscaled version of the Stasis Rifle, the Stasis Cannon features a fully automatic firing mode, enhanced target tracking, and better energy efficiency.

    -Gravity Probe
    A scientifically advanced tool, the gravity probe creates a Gravsphere wherever the player is aiming, drawing in flora, fauna, and items alike. The Probe moves with the player's aim, so it can sweep across an area and collect items.

    -Biological Scanner
    A surveying tool that can analyze and store information on scanned creatures. Shoots out a blue cone of light that scans all flora, fauna, and items caught in the field.

    -Thermal Gauntlet
    Uses energy to superheat the surface panels of the hand to deal with impact, or electricity resistant obstacles. Intense heat evaporates water creating a thick screen of bubbles.

    Music totally unrelated.

    Shoulder Mounted modules include

    -Warp Cannon
    A power intensive weapon, the Warp Cannon punches a hole in the space time continuum creating a temporary Einstein-Rosen Bridge, warping the target away to another location, out of sight, out of mind. The exosuit must brace itself, and charge before firing, which drains the Exosuit's power by 45% on each use. A harmless way to completely remove threats from an area.

    -Torpedo Launcher
    A shoulder mounted launcher for torpedoes, which can be loaded with a variety of payloads, from explosive, to light, to energy, to sparkly dust. Has 4 barrels that must be reloaded manually, from outside the suit.

    -Sensor Suite
    An advanced sensor suite and AI upgrade that allows the suit to analyze the surroundings, and alert the player to danger.

    -XL Pauldrons
    Extra-large shoulder armor that protects the Exosuit from above and to the sides.

    Extra bright lights that illuminate a wider area for dark caves and deep trenches.

    A loud horn to scare away nearby creatures.

    -Absolute Defense Field
    Takes up both shoulder slots, the ADF uses energy to project a physical barrier between the Exosuit and external threats. Halves then deducts any incoming damage from the energy meter. Will automatically shut off once the Exosuit is down to 15% power. ("Warning, Power level: Critical")

    -Immortality Protocol
    Takes up both shoulder slots. Uses advanced nanomachines to instantly repair 50% of the Exosuit's health, and grant temporary invincibility should it suffer critical damage. Must be replaced after each use. ("Warning, hull integrity critical. Immortality Protocol initialized")

    -Evasive Thrusters
    Takes up both shoulder slots, powerful high pressure water jets that allow the exosuit to quickly dash to evade falling rocks, charging Reapers, etc.

    There is also the possibility of Hull Upgrades, affecting the overall abilities, and possibly the appearance of the Exosuit, with 4 upgrade slots.

    -Reinforced Hull Module
    Improved hull construction increases the suit's defensive capabilities by 100%, but decreases overall mobility by about 25% (Better defense, deeper crush depth, slower walking speed)

    -High Agility Module
    Increased muscle actuator tuning as well as higher output jet engines increases the overall mobility of the Exosuit by 200% (Faster walking speed, faster jetpack flight)

    -Energy Efficiency Module
    Increases the Exosuit's energy efficiency by 400% (Same as the Cyclops module)

    -Ejection Module
    Ejector system installed to jettison the pilot should the Exosuit take critical damage (And not have the Immortality Protocol ready.) Ejects the pilot, and pushes them away with a Current Generator like effect.

    Maybe I put too much thought into this.
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