Linux increasing server slots (hex sequence is different in 275)

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Greetings, I've noticed the hex sequence is different for the 275 build for the server_linux32 file, while the hex sequence remains the same for Windows.

I would appeciate it if I can get some assistance on this matter, here is some of the information I've gathered thus far.

Build 274 unmodified: “E8 01 83 F8 17 77 7C”
Build 274 modified for extra slots: “E8 01 83 F8 17 90 90″
Build 275 unmodified (notice, I'm not sure if this is correct hex sequence but its the closest to the 274 one, and since 275 sequence for windows binaries wasen't changed its probably the right one). “E8 01 83 F8 17 0F 87"

Any assistance in this matter would be appeciated, I tried 0F 90 in the end to no avail, same with 90 90 (274) modified for 275. didn't work.


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