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hey folk,

Im not sure how many admins are trying this at the moment, so I thought id see if anyone else experienced the problems I had or has ideas how to solve some.
Lets begin.

First of all, I would strongly suggest testing with a live working mod. (just check your clients workshop folder for one).
I tried some old ones from the readme and it threw me off. (It just does not download while giving weird errors on both the site and the logs)
So yes, test with a real mod and save yourself some pain.
Also no need to bother with the python if you use the exe, or vice versa.

Due to bandwidth I want to use the backup http as well, backup to steam. I noticed however something which may complicate this in theory. Bare with me.

* Mods only get downloaded to the server if a client requests them.
* If a client does not request them, then the server does not keep them up to date (to my knowledge).
* If a server does not yet have a updated mod, as its set to backup, it may not be able to get the mod if workshop is down, for obvious reasons.
* This means clients who do have the newer version may experience issues.

Of course workshop hasn't broken yet while im testing so I am uncertain if this will be a actual problem.

So, does anyone know how to keep the server http backup updated with more mods if set to backup? As downloading the mods when workshop goes nuts is obviously to late.

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