My Plans For Future Perfect Mods

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The release of Future Perfect put me in quite a quandary.

I have been working with an open source c++/lua component based engine. Before writing any specific mods for it, my main plan was to build a FPS creator, as the engine has a powerful map editor with lua scripting capabilities from within the editor, I was going to concentrate on making components and putting together a framework to enable modders to quickly start making games.

I've been working on this for about 8 Months, then UWE announce Future Perfect. My idea being done on a level I could only dream of. Despite my excitement for Future Perfect, I was left a little lost about what I should be doing with my time.

I have designed a solo stand-alone version of GorgeCraft, featuring new custom characters worlds and back story, and I initially had a plan to test some early versions of that out, but the release of Future Craft ended those plans quite quickly. What to do...

So I began thinking about the 3 part game I have designed as an extension of the mod myself and @Scatter were working on for NS2. Although we never released anything publicly, we had an amazing amount of work completed, and just needed to finish tying everything in. All our special items/equipment etc was all coded in and useable through cheats, we just had to finish tying them to their respective buildings and balancing them.

With this in mind, I began thinking back to my game framework idea. I decided to greate my own custom framework within Future Perfect. This would be developed as an alternative to the default branch of components. While using a lot of the existing framework initially, it will be changed and adapted over time to suit my individual preferences and experiences of building component frameworks.

Hopefully, being designed by someone with less coding experience than the UWE guys, I will produce something that is good for some one of my standard to use, and some people may find it useful.

To this end, I have decided to build a series of small mods and games that necessitate the writing of additional components in my framework, to gradually build up my system.

The first mod is going to be a First-Person-Point-and-Click/Chinese Room/Little Bang Theory type game. Again, I see UWE's latest mod update is along the same lines as my thinking...

The amount of time UWE end up developing the same things I have ideas for is getting scary. I think they may be reading my mind through their games, lol.

So any, I have made a start creating a couple of custom components, and will continue building up the framework until I can complete the first game.

I only plan to make a single level of the game, as it is just a practical excuse to make and test the components I am creating, but hopefully people will take the code and create more maps and puzzles for it.

I'll announce the following project after the release of the first mod. I am really excited about the prospect of building my own games and game code from scratch, it should be a great experience. Thank you @max , @dushan‌ , @everyone else involved with future perfect..

Actually, who are the people responsible for bringing this idea to life?

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    I'm looking forward to it! We're revisiting the heist idea from our previous game jam. It's a bit like Gunpoint, so I think it's actually a bit different than what you're planning.

    The development team is Andrew Jones, Brian Cronin, Dushan and myself. We just started working with Alex Jeremy on animations (you can see Alex in this old NS2HD video) and the Fox3D team to create artwork.
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