Natural Selection 2 Welding vents?

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Is there a reason why no vents can be shut with the welder?
I remember in Ns1 this was so amusing.
It would be nostalgia if you would be able to weld vents or even doors.


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    the problem with welding vents is it dramatically alters the balance of the game, the rest of the game would have to be altered and maps would have to be rebalanced. I reckon this is why uwe never implemented this feature
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    We tried this during alpha/beta internally, and it really got tin the way of gameplay. While it would be cool once, several times during the game proved too much. Very hard to balance.
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    But what if the Gorge could open them? And Marines could shut them?
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    It would skew gameplay and make gorges even more important. It would just mess with gameplay and balance a lot more than you'd think. It would especially affect map balance. Plus there's the fact that marines can buy a welder as soon as an armory is dropped... New strat: Drop an armory, weld every vent shut, routeblock 3 lanes with few worries of vents, and win! Wooo!

    This would really affect competitive as well. It would force the alien team to use a gorge, thus eliminating the chances of a higher lifeform. And if they were just to remove it in comp mod, that's another way that the gap is being widened between vanilla and competitive.

    Cool idea, but it just wouldn't work well :(
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    marine 3 CC´s or 2 CC+Advance armory give "plasma wall" ability to block a vent if you weld anywhere inside or outside of it? :)
    (one per vent and has maby 1000 hp so skulk must bite for a while or gorge bile it)
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    I guess you can weld some vents by just placing an armory infront of it (when the vent entrance is low enough)
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    Mine traps are way more fun ;))
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    Is there anyway to include weldables, push buttons, elevators etc without extra entities, or even the better expanded upon version in the siege mod? like have an offical editor version?
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    Benson wrote: »
    I use mines to weld my vents shut. Same idea (close off the lane), easily removable (skulks playing minesweeper), and semi-permanent.

    Though it would be great to have a wall tool available, deployable like mines, that takes like 15-20 sec for a skulk to chew through.

    5-10 seconds would be better, given the fact that it removes the skulks ability to surprise the marines.
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    Wait a second, you tested being able to weld EVERY vent on a map with the now always available welder?
    Uh who could imagine that going wrong.
    It worked in NS1 because the team was usually so starved for res that welders were only handed out with a reason in mind. If every marine carries one pretty much all the time (at least I do in NS2) this can't work the same way.
    Mappers should decide if a vent can be welded and possibly opened up again. There were many funny things to do with weld events - I made a weldpoint enable an elevator in my map.
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    Why not have vents welded shut at the beginning of the game, but once a hole is chewed through them, they cannot be re-welded?
    This would force aliens to the primary corridors in the first instance, making those initial engagements all the more exciting.

    Or allow vents to be welded, but have it take as much time as welding back up a destroyed power node - would be hard to justify the time spent, unless it was Skylights on Veil.
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    Or the khara can just bite/shot/bile/stomp them to pices and then the marines can fix them?
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    iirc, I've seen a version of veil with weldable nano-vents on Diamond Gamers (DMD). I've rarely seen it played though.
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