Going back to the scene

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I played with CiB and won one of the first tournaments NS2L #na
Im from Brazil, i do speak a good english, at least understand everything,..
Former quake and cs player, over more than 14 years, before Steam launch.
Actually with 23y old and wanting to go back play ns2, since is most communicative/teamplay game
Im rly great shooter. Also played tf2 in NA so i'm familiar with the language.

In my last match i did a little of bad manners, i regret, was completly annoyed about playing like 04:00 am because we are brazilians in CiB
And the other team was very provocative in scrims.

But Im good man and just looking for fun and some people to play this game.

Oh, the other team was AtroX, im sorry for that atrox.

Is there any hope to go back?

Is there competitive cenario?

In all those updates something became good ? *I didnt like biomass update(why i stop)
At least with this 'combat' official mode ill be so happy to play (im hardcore shooter as i said)

Im buying the game in my main account. If anyone is interested in find me up: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rakzb0t/

Please update me about the game in this topic, i like ns2, i hope i hear good news.

edit: Also, there is any advantage to purchase Deluxe edition? is just wallpapers/sound/etc? i had black armor :D i dont care if is those stuff


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    If you are looking for a team I would recommend you make a post here: http://www.ensl.org/forums/11
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    The updates made by the CDT along with NS2+ and CompMod (both mods inspired the CDT updates) made the game a lot better overall. Sadly though, the competitive scene has shrunk significantly compared to last season, and it doesn't look like it'll rebound again unless for some miracle. If you wanna play again, just find yourself a team and go for it as long as it's still possible to play NS2 competitively. ^^
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    Don't waste your time
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