Storms and more violent ocean surface

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At the moment, the ocean is so calm all the time. What if there were storms that occasionally popped up, or even massive hurricanes to cause huge swells in the ocean? It just seems so... safe right now at the surface. Not dangerous and uncertain like I would imagine an alien planet would be.


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    Hmmmm... 1000km/h wind storms on the surface. ;-) Nice reason to keep the player from building on islands ;-)
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    Hmmmm, just thought of something here. If our start out is a floating lifeboat shouldn't there be a way to anchor it?

    If a heavy storm comes in with heavy seas while scavenging I would hate to make my way to the surface to see that it's no longer there. Be a one nasty hanging booger to have to swim 5 Kilometers or more to get to safety.

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    Maybe you need to craft rope and tie it down? Or maybe you can flood/sink it to keep it safe?
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    Hmmmm... 1000km/h wind storms on the surface. ;-) Nice reason to keep the player from building on islands ;-)

    Hell, those wind speeds turns it into aircraft lol.
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    Storms are planned. There's already a reeeally cool effect for a thunderstorm with lightning that we can't wait for people to see, but still needs more implementation on the gameplay side, as well as some supporting elements, like the water, brought up to match. Storms are a bit lower on the priority list for the moment, however, so not sure when we'll be getting them in game.

    Very interesting. I have to agree, I want big storms. I had some ideas and posted them in response to a dev on steam, but I wanted to copy it here as well.

    'To make Storms a big threat, you can borrow on hurricanes and Waterspouts. By this, tornados that can destroy islands, one day we could see islands popping up from underwater and life growing on it soon after. This creates a serious effect and we can play with extreme vortexes and the like. The ocean is highly hazardous on the surface. I wouldn't mind having to make a mad dash to get the Cyclops, either because a storm will hit the morrow, or not for a long time. Randomness. But preceding should be like Immense, ominous clouds, dark and terrifying, wind sweeping on the water, until the whole sky is covered in darkness with loud audio cues of whipping wind and the waves. In time, Lightning should come, Loud and crashing. Make a Storm a truly terrifying thing to us, make us huddle in our pods at the mercy of fate! Or seek comfort in deep water with the Submarine, but caught perhaps in the randomness of the world between the dark terrifying storm and a singular, sole, terrifying leviathan. The escape from all this would be so cool and harrowing. but mind a Storm should also last a while too, not a 20 minute thing, but possible even hours. In truth, this should also be adjustable, increasing frequency of storms and storm elements, which would allow us to modify the world. I would absolutely love to have me and some friends (when coop does eventually come) be trapped on a beautiful, but extremely hazardous, stormy world wracked in powerful and deadly hurricanes.'
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